Bay Electric awarded Monette bids

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The Monette City Council met on Monday, Sept. 28, and accepted city improvement bids and discussed the building inspector position.

The council discussed bids for electrical work on generators, hookups, wiring at lift station, use of remotes and transfers, and pouring of concrete slabs. Bay Electric bid $12,635 for the complete job, and Douglas Electric bid $22,000.

"I think we should get line item bids, so we could do what is needed most first," Councilman Tom Carroll said. "We can do the rest as we have the money."

The council voted 4-1 to accept the bid from Bay Electric, to do the work in stages. The work on the generators will wait until other work is done. Alderman Bob Blankenship voted against doing the work in stages.

A bid from Eagle Sand Blasting was approved at $10,250 to cover the city aerator at the water chemical plant in order to bring it back into compliance with state regulations.

The council discussed the development of a more in depth building inspector position.

Alderman Perry Wood addressed problems in Northview Estates concerning code enforcement.

"We have a restrictive covenant in Northview Estates to be enforced by the city building inspector," Wood said. "I have heard rumblings that people are not meeting requirements for the covenant. The construction realtor should not have to enforce the covenant, as it is the city's responsibility. We need a system put in place that we ensure they meet building requirements according to the covenant."

Wood read from the original city adopted covenant dated Feb. 23, 1998, "No lot shall be used except for residential purposes, no building shall be erected, altered, placed or permitted to remain on any lot other than one detached single family dwelling, not to exceed two stories high, and must have a private garage with doors for not less than two automobiles. The garage may be a detached two car garage with the facade having the same architectural design as the dwelling on the same lot."

"We need to control what is being built and standards, and we need a responsible building inspector," Wood said. "No lot can be used except for residential purposes. Detached garages have specifications. This includes only enclosed garages with doors. The realtors have been doing us a public service to this point. A building inspector does fines if they do not comply, and does a final inspection."

"We need to weigh this and get input before we proceed," Mayor Chub Qualls said. "We need to consider what we will do in the future. We need to think about this and come back to meet again."

No changes were made by the council during this meeting concerning the building inspector position.

"We have our final settlement from the state's part of FEMA for ice storm work," Mayor Qualls said. "The total was $201,240.31. We are reaching the end of our clean-up. We have until Nov. 20 to finish burning at the landfill."

Two weather warning sirens were purchased last month for $500 each. One will be placed at the electrical sub station on Highway 18, west of town, and the other on Highway 139, east of town. Another siren is currently located at the new water tower.

Alderman Jamie Strickland gave the monthly Monette Youth Association report.

"We are still working on our brick project fund raiser," Strickland said. "We also looked into sponsorships of the ballparks and other fundraisers. We did a mail out and have secured some ideas and some contributions. We would like to apply for another GIF ball park grant for $50,000."

Strickland proposed the naming of the three ball fields after people wishing to donate $10,000 to the park. After a brief discussion the proposal died for lack of a second. The council approved the application for a GIF grant.

City property belonging to the former Tool Tech Company has been appraised for $18,000. The property will be offered first to Kiech-Shaver-Miller Gin Company, as the city has no future plans to develop it.

Alderman Joyce Read reviewed the current employee handbook with updates in employee vacations. The council voted to allow two weeks vacation, after one year of the employment anniversary date, and three weeks after the employee has worked for 10 years.

Full time pre-employment drug test will be administered locally before employment is confirmed.

Other adjustments will be made and adopted later.

Mayor Qualls read a thank you letter from Kima Stewart, Buffalo Island Central West Elementary principal, commending police officer Anthony Petty for his care in looking after the safety of students traveling to and from school.

The council discussed the removal of the awning across the street from the Post Office. Plans are to move the awning and use as a cover for city equipment.

Alderman Read reported on the repair of seven pole decorations used during Christmas holidays, and future storage plans.

Alderman Bob Blankenship announced his plans to run for Quorum Court justice. Filing for the position will begin in March 2010 and involves the towns of Monette, Brookland and Lester.

Homer Lenderman, Brookland ag teacher, was a special guest during the meeting. Lenderman is a candidate for state representative.

The next regularly scheduled council meeting will be 7 p.m. Monday, Oct. 26.

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