Buffalo Island Central Board hears testing results

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Doris Willyerd, District test coordinator, presented both current and historical end of course, Benchmark and ACT testing results at the Buffalo Island Central School Board meeting held Sept. 14 in the junior high library. Benchmark tests were for grades 3-8 and grades 7-8. The student scores were tabulated showing five-year trends 2005-2009, including East and West Elementary, 7-8 graders and listing the state average.

Subjects tested included math and literacy for all six grades. Additional Benchmark test scores were given for grades 5-7. ACT five-year trends compared English, math, reading, and science. BIC's District average was higher than the state average for years 2006-2009.

EOC Exams in algebra1, geometry, biology and 11th grade literacy were listed for review. Algebra 1 and 11th grade literacy students tested above the state proficient level.

BIC West Elementary Principal Kima Stewart listed current enrollment at 251, with Pre-K at 20, and kindergarten through sixth grades at 231. Ten home school students were reported. Students met or exceeded 2009 standards in all categories, which included mathematics, literacy and attendance.

New BIC East Elementary Principal Nicole Stewart reported on the 2009 and 2010 school year. Other new employees include Lauren Denny, pre-K; Tonya Boyd, first grade; and Joanna Lopez, migrant teacher.

Total enrollment was listed at 263, with 20 in pre-K and 243 kindergarten through sixth grade. Students met or exceeded all mathematics, literacy and attendance testing for 2009.

BIC High School Principal Randy Rose presented the 2009 high school report. A total of 155 students were reported, with 69 in 10th grade, 40 in 11th, and 46 in 12th. New teachers included Garrett Eoff and Lisa Hughes.

Class and club sponsors and student participations were summarized. Teacher class period schedules were listed along with numbers of students in each class.

BIC Junior High School Principal Roland Wells reported a total of 180 students enrolled, with 71 seventh graders, 55 eighth graders, and 54 ninth graders. New teachers included Garrett Eoff, Thomas Powell and Lisa Hughes. Class and club sponsors were listed, along with teacher class period schedules and students in each class.

The board special needs and special education aides effective Aug. 17 included Sharon Sullivan, high school; April Finch and Linda Pendergrass, West elementary; Christeen Littlefield, East elementary; and Lisa Parker, junior high. Brooke Whitley was hired as West elementary kindergarten instructor.

Salaries and hours for cafeteria managers and cafeteria director were set as follows: Gena Steed, director, $12.33/hour, eight hours a day; Karen Damron, manager, $11.33 per hour, seven hours a day; and Stephanie Lambert, manager, $11.00 per hour, seven hours a day.

Season tickets and regular admission prices for basketball games were discussed. Superintendent George Edd Holland reviewed information gathered from schools in the area. After a brief discussion the board set prices for the 2009-2010 season: adult season pass $50 and student season pass $25. Regular admission will be $4 for adults and $2 for students.

Adult lunch prices were set at $3 (effective Sept. 21), based on recommendation from the Department of Child Nutrition.

Results from the Legislative Audit for year ending June 30, 2008 were reviewed. Recommendations for corrective actions will be taken. Three recommendations include: All employees paid by family funds must have time certification sheet; old inventory numbers will be retired; and Bond Payment Allocation Fund will be established.

Eleven student transfers from BIC to Manila were approved: Destiny Parker, 10, Ken Bunn, 8, Cody Bunn, 7, Connie Watson, 5, Katie Ford, 12, Kenneth Sullivan, 12, Tyler Sullivan, 9, Kaitlyn Boatman, 6, Thomas Boatman, 5, Nicholas Love, 12, and Vanessa Garza, 17.

The board approved the Equity Compliance Report and Minority Recruitment Plan.

The next regularly scheduled board meeting will be on 7 p.m. Monday, Oct. 12, in the superintendent's office on the Monette campus.

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