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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Lake City Council accepted bids on street overlay, hired a new water/wastewater employee, and approved a new fireman when the city council met Monday, July 27.

Mayor Billy Anderson announced two bids had been received for the overlay project on Fourth Street. The bid was awarded to Atlas Asphalt for $8,820. The city has also purchased a loft mower for mowing ditches at $5,000.

Mayor Anderson addressed the hiring of a new water/wastewater employee and the receipt of 14 resumes for the position. Anderson had spoken to Norman Eidson, one of the applicants, and informed him he had not been considered for the job on Friday. Anderson asked Edison, who was in the audience, if he wanted to address the council.

Eidson asked the council why he was not considered, since he had a license and was qualified to do the job.

Anderson replied that at the time Eidson previously worked for the city the last four water samples taken were not in compliance.

Eidson said he should not have to take the blame for past conditions he had no control over. He said fault should be with the past mayor and the budget, which he had no control over.

"The pumping stations are in bad shape," Anderson said.

The council went into executive session to discuss hiring a new water/wastewater employee. After a 25 minute session the council reconvened and voted unanimously to hire Chris Newcomb for the position at a starting salary of $10 per hour with re-evaluation in 90 days, and education opportunities as they became available.

Toby Rand was introduced to the council and approved as a new volunteer fire department member.

"The storm sirens are now installed and are radio activated," Mayor Anderson said. "The Police Department will be responsible for operating the sirens. There will be a siren testing on the first Monday of each month at noon, weather permitting."

Mayor Anderson made a recommendation that the city remove the funds in a CD that will mature in September and place them in an existing checking account for future use to make roofing repairs at the ballpark as needed.

City Clerk Linda Simpson reviewed a potential 50/50 matching grant from Rural Development. The grant is earmarked for use as a beautification project o the median located Cobean Boulevard and city hall. The council voted to pursue the grant.

The next regularly scheduled council meeting will be 6:30 Aug. 17 at city hall.

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