Gardening for God

Tuesday, July 14, 2009
Pictured from left are: Scott Adams, Pastor Doug Criss, Rita Wildy, Shelby Bandy, Mari Hayden, Tim Bandy, Janet Taylor, Ronnie Kennett, Paul Wildy, and Sandra Kennett. (photo provided)

"Gardening for God" project began as an idea to help others and has been so successful plans are underway to expand.

For an idea to become a successful project, it takes planning, work, and workers.

The Gardening for God project started with a discussion at the Leachville United Methodist Church Board meeting.

The group wanted to do something to help the community, especially the older citizens and people who are unable to do for themselves.

The group decided to raise sweet corn to start their gardening project.

Several acres north of Leachville, across from Adams Land Co., were donated for the project.

Cole Hawkins Farms prepared the ground, planted the corn, fertilized, sprayed and irrigated the crop; Scott Adams, grandson of Boe and Myrna Adams, coordinated the project; Tim Bandy oversaw the harvest; Jimmy Sanders, Inc. provided the seed; Mari Hayden served as distribution chairman; and many others assisted in the harvest.

The corn made a bumper crop and was hand-pulled by volunteers.

It was estimated the group gave away 2,500 ears of corn. The field was then opened to the public and people were allowed to help themselves.

"None of the corn went to waste," Paul Wildy said.

The distribution committee sacked the corn and it was delivered to senior citizens at the Leachville Senior Citizen Center, taken from house to house at the Housing Authority and shared with others in the community.

"We did our best to share the corn with as many people as we could," Wildy said. "We learned a lot from our first Gardening for God season. We will plant less corn and add other vegetables on our gardening acres next year. When corn is ready to be harvested, it can't wait. The people receiving the corn seemed to be very appreciative."

The group has permission and will be gleaning a potato field after the harvest. Like the corn, the potatoes will be distributed to people in the community.

"It is our intent to help people," Wildy said. "We want to thank everyone who helped with the gardening project."

The Bible speaks of being good stewards and good neighbors. This group of gardeners have managed to be good stewards of the land and share the bounty with their neighbors.

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