Manila Council hires new clerk/treasurer

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Manila City Council reviewed several resumes for the position of clerk/treasurer at a special called meeting on Thursday, July 9. Following an executive session, councilmen voted to hire Rebecca Hargraves to fill the position.

Mayor Clifford Veach said Susan Jackson had submitted her resignation two weeks ago.

"She did a good job and I wish her well," Veach said.

Veach also informed the council he had met with the local manager of the ambulance service.

"They have some issues and will submit a letter of what they expect from the city," he said. "We may have it before the next meeting. "They have done an excellent job. They have good equipment, a good people and do a great job."

Mayor Veach read a letter from the director of the Head Start, Shirley Pullium, discussing roof repairs for the Head Start building, owned by the City of Manila.

The roof repairs were estimated at $27,000. Mayor Veach said the city receives $9,000 a year for rent. Mississippi County EOC has proposed to pay for the roof and hold the rent until 50 percent of the cost has been paid.

The council voted unanimously to accept the offer.

Mayor Veach informed the council members he had received notice the heath care insurance premiums will be going down $50 a month effective July 1.

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