BIC Board hires summer CPEP teachers, grants medical leave

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The June meeting of the Buffalo Island School Board was held in Jonesboro where a board in-service meeting was held before the regular business was conducted.

Scott Beardsley, financial agent with First Security -- Beardsley Public Finance, conducted the board in-service workshop. The school finance workshop covered both state and local revenue sources, calculations and projections.

Following the in-service meeting, Board President Terry Edwards called the meeting to order. All members, except Gordon Miller and Nathan Sanders, were present.

Board members reviewed the financial statements, discussed personnel policy, hired summer staff, approved reassignments, and granted a transfer request.

Personnel policy recommendations approved were: (1) Change wording of extended sick leave policy to clarify that extended policy covers family. (2) Approved the 2009-10 school calendar. (3) Modify the existing intra-district transfer policy to include the statement "The district will provide transportation only when intra-district transfers are initiated by the district. (The modified intra-district policy will be reviewed for approval at the July meeting.)

Staff members hired for the summer CPEP program were Lynn Smith, Coty Cornish, Steve Brummer, and Linda Smith.

The board approved, 4-0, the request for a one year medical leave for Tammy Colbert. (Scott Colbert was absent from the room during discussion and action.)

The board voted unanimously to renew the Athletic Trainer Program with Arkansas Methodist Medical Center.

Reassignments for the East elementary were approved with Brooke Dunigan moving from pre-kindergarten to kindergarten and Kristie Sanders from kindergarten to second grade.

The board approved the transfer request of Mark Stone, 15, to Manila District.

Board members approved the renewal of The District's student accident program insurance with Dwight Jones Agency and the schools insurance coverage with ASBA Risk Management.

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