Rural mail carrier recycles poles for mail box

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Ed Young, a rural mail carrier in Leachville, knows the importance of a sturdy mail box. He recently recycled one of the damaged power line poles from the ice storm creating a unique base for his mail box.

Ed Young recycles a broken utility pole making a unique mail box post. (Town Crier photo/Revis Blaylock)

Young doesn't claim the idea as original. Several years ago he was driving in the hills and because he is a rural mail carrier, he was taking notice of the mail boxes along the way. He saw a mail box on a power line and thought it looked good and was a great idea.

"The poles down and damages after the January ice storm was unbelievable," Young said. "We had 40 down on our road. I drive about 100 miles in the country every day. I saw so many lines down I was surprised at how fast the power companies had electricity back on."

Young said he was about 12 years old during the ice storm in 1957 and it was out a lot longer.

"Of course we had our first television and I had just learned where all the good shows were playing," he said.

Ed and Linda Young built their country home in 1980. For years he rebuilt cars and worked as a substitute rural mail carrier. He worked over 11 years as a substitute rural mail carrier before going full time in 1998. He has driving a lot of miles over those years and said he had never seen anything like the damage done by the ice storm. There were roads he could not get through to deliver the mail.

He contacted the power company about using one of the damaged poles and was given the okay. The insulators give a unique look to the mail box. He added a light and a flag. As a bit of history, he engraved the wood with Ice Storm 2009 -- Off 1-27 on 2-14.

It is very sturdy and should be here for a long time.

Recycling the pole is not the only thing he recycled. He had a long power line a farmer had removed from a field. He stretched it across his back yard making a jip line for his granddaughters. He attached pullies to a bar and hammock and the girls love riding across the back yard.

"They like it and we have had a lot of fun with it," Young said.

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