Rickey Copeland retires from BIC

Tuesday, June 9, 2009
Dr. Kima Stewart, BIC West principal, wishes Rickey Copeland well in his retirement. (photo provided)

Rickey Copeland recently retired from the BIC West Elementary after 30 years of teaching. Copeland began his teaching career at Monette Elementary in 1980 as a remedial reading teacher. At that time, his class was located in a building separate from the actual school building.

In 1985, Monette and Leachville consolidated to become Buffalo Island Central School District. Copeland was the sixth grade science teacher until the upper elementary departmentalized and at that time he became fourth grade, fifth grade and sixth grade science teacher.

For approximately 75 percent of the 30 years Copeland has taught, he has been the only male teacher in the building.

Several faculty members shared "memories" of his teaching career as they enjoyed a luncheon at La Cascada in Manila on Saturday, May 30. Dr. Kima Stewart read a book entitled "How You Know It's Time to Retire" and presented Mr. Copeland with parting gifts. A delicious cake made by Mechele Masner was served for dessert.

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