Lake City volunteers commended

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Lake City Clerk Linda Simpson gave a report on the exit interview with FEMA and ice storm clean-up during the May 18 regular city council meeting.

Simpson reported the total FEMA funds are estimated at $55,000 of which the city will receive 75 percent from FEMA and 12.5 percent from the State.

"Volunteers are to be commended," she said. "Our city had a 2-1 ratio. I was told by Richard Volmar, FEMA representative, most cities don't reach the 1 percent ratio. Our city has a big heart and we are very proud of Lake City."

The city will host a city-wide appreciation day on June 27 for all the volunteers who helped during the clean-up from the ice storm. It will begin at 4 p.m. and the city will furnish food and drinks for everyone.

Following the review of accounts given by Simpson, a motion was made by Alderman Jon Milligan and seconded by Alderman Harold Barker to purchase a $100,000 Certificate of Deposit with funds from the General Fund at Focus Bank for a term of seven months. The motion was approved and accepted by all five members present.

Other Aldermen present included Ann Davis, Brenda Hutcheson, and Tommy Eakins.

Council members voted unanimously to continue with terms in Section 9 of Ordinance 82 which allows Ritter Cable Corp. to renew its franchise for an additional 15 year term.

Clerk Simpson read the first reading of Ordinance 237-09, an ordinance establishing an Identify Theft Prevention Program applicable to city utilities; providing for its implementation, oversight and for other purposes. After the first reading was approved, a motion to suspend the rules and place the ordinance on the second and third reading was approved.

The Ordinance was accepted and approved by all members.

Mayor Billy Anderson reported issues have been solved with the police radios and sirens. The storm siren will be installed May 28-29.

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