BIC athletes honored at banquet

Friday, May 29, 2009
Corie Flannigan, Richie Austin Memorial recipient; Nathan Parnell, Dusty Wood Memorial recipient; Jordon Miller, Miss Mustang. (Town Crier photos/Trent Fletcher)

Buffalo Island Central 2008-2009 athletes were honored with a banquet held Monday night, May 11, at the First Baptist Church in Monette.

Top honors went to Jordan Miller, who received the Miss Mustang Award, Corie Flannigan, who was presented the Richie Austin Award, and Nathan Parnell, who was awarded as the Dusty Wood recipient.

Senior High Boys Basketball - Front: Dillon Hargrove, Heath Hawkins, Adrian Mondragon, Brent Pace, Ben Cole, Taylor Morgan. Back: Blake Wheeler, Brandon Atkeison, Kam Ashabranner, Drew Berry, Drew Crabtree.

Dion Hargrove's senior boys basketball team advanced to the state tournament, after compiling a 26-12 season, including an 11-3 conference mark. Blake Wheeler and Kam Ashabranner received All-Region, All-Conference and All-NEA tournament team honors. Ashabranner also was selected to the Bernie Invitational All-Tournament team. Freshman Dillon Hargrove picked up All-Region honors while Heath Hawkins was selected to the 2A State All Tournament team. Brandon Atkeison and Ben Cole were All-Conference nominees while Atkeison was also chosen for the Bernie Invitational All-Tournament team.

Other team members are Brent Ray, Adrian Mondragon, Dalton Womack, Drew Berry, Drey Crabtree, and Taylor Morgan.

BIC's junior boys team completed a successful 23-11 season, led by All-Conference players Daniel Davis and James Tate. Mark Stone, Blake Carr, Wes Colbert, and Josh McCormick were all selected as All-Conference nominees.

Junior High Boys Basketball - Front: Blake Carr, Josh McCormick, Logan Dewitt, Gunner James (manager.) Back: James Tate, Daniel Davis, Alex Field, Wes Colbet, Forrest Robertson.

The remainder of the squad includes Logan Dewitt, Alex Field, Brandon Lairsey, Josh McCormick, Forrest Robertson and Justin Barnes.

Seventh/eighth Grade Boys Basketball - Front: Wesley Lancaster, Jacob Sanders, Gunner James. Back: Zac Chase, Chris Shirley, Dillon Strickland, Drake Brown.

The seventh and eighth grade boys basketball team includes Alex Ballin, Nick Bollinger, Drake Brown, Daniel Carmichael, Zac Chase, Hunter Douglas, Gunnar James, Wes Lancaster, Drake Pipkin, Tanner Platz, Jacob Sanders, Shaun Scoggins, Chris Shirley, and Dillon Strickland.

Senior Baseball - Front: Taylor Morgan, Wes Colbert, Logan Dewitt, Adrian Mondragon, Ben Cole, Brent Pace, Ross Clark. Back: Blake Wheeler, Heath Hawkins, Blake Carr, Kam Ashabranner, Dillon Hargrove, Nathan Parnell.

BIC's baseball team advanced to the regional tournament and placed four players on the All-Conference team. Blake Wheeler, Heath Hawkins, Ben Cole and Taylor Morgan all received all league honors. All-conference nominees included Isaac Ibanez, Nathan Whitlow, Nathan Parnell, Dillon Hargrove and Mark Stone. Wheeler, Hawkins, Hargrove, and Morgan all received All-Region honors. Nathan Parnell was chosen as the 2A All-Star nominee for BIC.

Other team members are Ross Clark, Josh Freeman, Kam Ashabranner, Brent Ray, Wes Colbert, Blake Carr and Logan Dewitt.

Senior Girls Basketball - Front: Jenna Pike, Jordan Miller, Holly Dempsey, Jenny Walker. Back: Taylor Owens, Whitley Rolland, Jamie Harris, Shelby Qaualls, Ashley Jines, Kayley James, Corie Flannigan.

The senior Lady Mustang basketball team placed two players on the All-Conference team, Jordan Miller and Holly Dempsey. Miller received awards for Rebounds (161), Free Throw Percentage (68 percent), Assists (65), Steals (63), and Field Goal Percentage (49 percent) as well as receiving the Offensive Player of the Year Award with 421 points. Miller also was selected as the All Star nominee for the Lady Mustangs. Dempsey received an award for Steals (56) and the Three Point Award (22). Jenna Pike picked up awards for Steals (56) and a Three Point Award (28). Corie Flannigan received the Rebound Award (146), Shelby Qualls picked up a Three Point Award (23), Jenny Walker was tabbed as Defensive Player of the Year while Taylor Owens received the Hustle Award. The Sportsmanship Award went to Whitlee Rolland.

Senior Softball - Front: Brittany Smith, Jenna Pike, Bianca Garcia, Lauren Roddy, Jenny Walker, Demi Hargrove, Sara Roddy, Karla Marroquin. Back: Madison Finch, Amy Renteria, Megan Misner, Taylor Owens, Whitley Rolland, Shelby Qualls, Ashley Jines, Corey Flannigan, Hayley Parker.

Other team members include Erika Robinson, Jamie Harris, Ashley Jines and Kalee James.

The Lady Mustang softball team also advanced to the Regional Tournament, led by All-State selection Karla Marroquin. Marroquin was also chosen All-Region and All-District. Jenna Pike and Demi Hargrove were also selected as All-District performers. The remainder of head coach Carey Cossey's squad includes Corie Flannigan, Dacota Noyes, Brittany Smith, Ashley Jines, Shelby Qualls, Whitlee Rolland, Madison Finch, Bianca Garcia, Megan Misner, Taylor Owens, Amy Renteria, Jessica Turner, Jenny Walker, Hayley Parker, Lauren Roddy and Sarah Roddy.

Boys Golf - Drey Crabtree, Blake Carr, Forrest Robertson, Nathan Whitlow (All State Golf selection), Blake Wheeler, Dillon Hargrove.

BIC's boys golf team includes Drey Crabtree, Blake Carr, Forrest Robertson, Nathan Whitlow, Blake Wheeler and Dillon Hargrove. The Lady Mustang golf squad consists of Ashley Jines, Hayley Parker, Lauren Roddy and Sarah Roddy.

Junior Girls Basketball - Front: Cassidy Qualls, Kaylee Greathouse, Jodiee Clay, Katelyn Sparkman, Demi Hargrove. Back: Amber Rolland, Emily Owens, Shanyia Junyor, Brittany Fowler, Hayley Parker, Brittany Stockton, Rachel Goldammer.

The junior high Lady Mustangs capped off a remarkable 31-1 season by claiming the District Championship, after finishing as regular season conference champs. Head Coach Stan Fowler handed out awards to four All-Conference players, including Brittany Fowler, Demi Hargrove, Kaylee Greathouse, and Cassidy Qualls.

Girls Golf - Lauren Roddy (All State), Hayley Parker and Sarah Roddy.

Fowler received awards for Most Assists (85), Most Rebounds (129), Free Throw Percentage (69 percent), Field Goal Percentage (49 percent) and the Offensive Award, compiling 395 points on the year.

Hargrove picked up the award for Most Steals (103), Defensive Player of the Year, and received an award for Field Goal Percentage (48 percent).

Greathouse took home the award for Best Three Point Shooter as well as receiving awards for Field Goal Percentage (49 percent) and Free Throw Percentage (69 percent).

Qualls also received the Defensive Player of the Year award and an award for Field Goal Percentage (45 percent).

Hayley Parker picked up the award for Most Blocked Shots and received a Field Goal Percentage award (49 percent).

Senior High Cheerleaders - Mallory Crites, Whitlee Rolland, Kaley Poe, Megan Misner, Madison Finch, Bianca Garcia, Autumn Fletcher.

Emily Owens and Brittany Stockton received awards for Most Improved Players. Katelyn Sparkman won the Hustle Award, Micah Thompson took home the Sportsmanship Award while Amber Rolland received the Sixth Man Award.

Other team members are Jodiee Clay, Rachel Goldammer, and Shania Junyor.

Junior High Cheerleaders - Stephanie Hill, Cortney Myers, Courtney Garrett, Lindsey Pittman, Alyson Routon, Jillian Key, Ariel Fry, Connor Berry.

The junior varsity team consisted of Candace Hopkins, Amanda Householder, Breanna Griffin, Karina Hernandez, Taylor McKuin, Kallie Minchue, Andrea Shirley, and Annah Stovall.

Dr. Kima Stewart presented cheerleading awards to Autumn Fletcher, who received the Senior and Captain Awards. Fletcher was also selected as an All-State cheerleader and was the All-Star Invitee for June's All-Star basketball and football games. Madison Finch and Bianca Garcia received All-American honors. Other senior high cheerleaders are Mallory Crites, Kaley Poe, Lindsay Rice, Whitlee Rolland and Megan Misner.

Alyson Routon was named All-American cheerleader and received the Captain Award and the award for Top Tumbler on the junior Mustang squad. Lindsey Pittman also received a Captain's Award. Other junior high cheerleaders are Connor Berry, Ariel Fry, Courtney Garrett, Stephanie Hill, Jillian Key, Courtney Myers, and Brianna Brock.

Junior Track - Front: Rachel Simmons, Cassidy Qualls, Kaylee Greathouse, Jodiee Clay, Jillian Key, Katelyn Sparkman, Demi Hargrove, Brittany Stockton, Rachel Goldammer. Back: Shanyia Junyor, Emily Owens, Brittany Fowler, Hayley Parker, Zac Chase.
Senior Track - Michel Beaird.
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