Manila accepts $463,685 airport grant

Thursday, May 28, 2009
Manila City Council presented a check to the Buffalo Island American Cancer Relay for Life. Accepting the check on behalf of the Relay for Life was Revis Blaylock, publicity chairman. Pictured are, from left: Council members Donnie Wagner, Linda Donovan, Larry "Whiz" Davis, Blaylock, LeRoy Douglas, Joni Isabell and Dean Cherry.

Manila Mayor Clifford Veach updated council members on the ice storm debris clean-up at the regular May meeting. Veach reported a total cost of $268,000.

"Everything has been submitted to FEMA," Mayor Veach said. "We should be able to report exactly how we came out at the next meeting."

Payments of $201,000 is expected from FEMA. The state and the city will be paying $33,500.

"So far, it has been going well," Veach said. "We worked well with our FEMA representative. I feel a load has been lifted off us. I'll keep you informed."

Later in the meeting Veach commended the three monitors who worked during the clean-up.

"I never heard anything but praise for the three workers," he said. "Their paper work was good. I want to personally thank them for the job they did."

Mayor Veach recommended the council accept the 100 percent grant in the amount of $463,685 to be used for the airport project.

"Earlier you all agreed to let us apply for the airport grant," he said. "It has been offered to us and we need to formally accept the grant."

The council voted unanimously to accept the airport grant.

City Attorney Wayne Wagner gave a report on the annexation progress.

Wagner said he had met with most residents. Everything should be filed before the next meeting. The council will then vote on the annexation.

"We should be ready to vote on it in July," Wagner said.

Wagner pointed out the council might want to look at more equally dividing the precincts.

"This is not something that has to be done before the annexation," he said. "21-B is getting larger and larger."

"It is our job to try to keep the numbers equal," Mayor Veach said.

Mayor Veach said the work on the concession stand at the park is underway. Concrete is being poured and work on the inside and outside has started.

"It is looking good," he said. "It should be completed in a month or so. We purchased a new air conditioning unit. Anything we can do for the kids is worth it. It will be something to be proud of."

In other business:

*The city purchased a new golf cart for the water meter reader at a cost of $4,400.

*Councilman Larry "Whiz" Davis said parking is a problem at the park. He suggested looking into utilizing some of the airport property for parking.

*Mayor Veach and Councilman Davis have been looking into a 90/10 grant from the state for the big hangar at the airport for a new door, insulation, and roof repair.

*Council voted unanimously to include 3.8 acres adjacent to Big Lake Country Club golf course to the country club's lease at no additional cost to the country club.

*Mayor Veach said he had been approached by Mr. Bunch about placing a monument at the Herman Davis Park in memory of the five Manila citizens who were killed during the Vietnam War. Council members agreed if there were no objections from the state, they did not have a problem with a monument being placed there.

*Mayor Veach said the city still had some weather radios on hand. He suggested selling them for the city's cost at $30.

*Councilman Joni Isabell asked about drainage problems on Walnut Street. Mayor Veach said he would have Henry Ford, water superintendent, look at the problem.

*Councilman Douglas said the lift station building at the Farmers Addition looks good.

"We are getting ready to start another at the park," Veach said.

*The council approved the minutes and reviewed the budget.

"So far this year, we are close to budget," Mayor Veach said.

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