BIC School Board fills positions

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The Buffalo Island Central School board voted to hire a new elementary principal and two new teachers at the regular board meeting Tuesday, May 12.

Nicole Stewart was chosen as BIC East Elementary Principal, filling the vacancy left by retiring principal Shirley Cato. Marti Edwards was hired as 4-5-6-grade West Elementary Science teacher and April Finch as third grade West elementary teacher, subject to completion of all certified requirements.

School board directors Todd Edwards and Darrin McFall were absent during the executive session involving the considering of hiring or promotion of their spouses.

Todd Edwards submitted his resignation as director and recommended his father John Edwards be chosen to fill the vacancy. The board voted unanimously to appoint John Edwards to fill the open board position.

The board accepted the resignation of Stacy Hargrove, second grade East, and the transfer of Sherry Williams from first East to third West.

The board authorized Superintendent George Edd Holland to fill the position of P.E. health/assistant coach position.

Student transfers included Ashley Jines, 17, from Riverside to BIC, Samuel Bollinger, 13, and Nicholas Bollinger, 13, and Brooklyn Butler, 5, from BIC to Manila.

The board went into executive session to discuss discipline action concerning a tenth grade student. After reconvening the student was expelled permanently from BIC.

Administration reports included a discussion about stimulus money, board in-service hours, school elections, and graduation. Congratulations were extended to two students, Allie Grisham for being named yearbook editor of the year by the Arkansas Scholastic Press and Jordon Miller for being named recipient of the Arkansas School Boards Association Scholarship.

Personnel policy recommendations were presented and will be voted on during the June meeting. Discussion about the policy involved spring break mandatory setting and accumulation of sick leave, and payment of teacher license renewal fees.

Financial reports and warrant listings were reviewed.

Superintendent Holland reported the lunch fund started out in the hole but has made progress through the school year and is now breaking even.

"The revenue has not gone up but the expenses have," Holland said. "We are pleased to have done so well with all the cost increases."

"The speed bumps had a few complaints when they were first installed, but we have received many compliments about their effectiveness as time went on," he said.

Potential kindergarten overcrowding and transfer of students was discussed, but no decision was made.

"Twenty kindergarten students are estimated to attend BIC West Elementary and 37 in East Elementary this coming school year," Holland said. "Student transfers may be needed to equalize the students. With135 students expected in high school and the low numbers in kindergarten, we will not fill some positions or delay them until we know for sure."

The next regularly scheduled board meeting is June 8 and will be an out-of-town dinner meeting.

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