Manila junior high athletes recognized

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The Manila Junior high athletes were honored with a banquet and awards ceremony on Monday, May 4, in the school cafeteria.

Manila junior high cheerleaders.

Mitzi Adcock, president of the booster club, welcomed students and guests. A barbecue dinner was served.

Superintendent Pam Castor presented the 3.0 Club congratulating the young people for maintaining good grades with a busy schedule of sports and academics.

3.0 Club:

Ninth grade -- Garrett Baker, Dillon Burrow, Zack Day, Ryan Halford, Blake Miller, Tucker Miller, Mikayla Shedd, Katie Watkins.

Eighth grade -- Lauren Allensworth, Lexie Allensworth, Taylor Bishop, Dylan Bogle, Nick Carmichael, Cortney Craine, Will Croquart, JR Dehart, Morgan Earnest, Danielle Lancaster, Tyler Lewis, Cori Matthews, Zach Reinhart, Geramie Stallings, Chase Thrasher, Nick Vancely, Trey Walker, Shelby Wallace, Dylan Wicoff, Colbey Williams, Kristen Wise, Landon Woody.

Manila 7th grade boys basketball team.

Seventh grade -- Kirsten Adcock, Hailey Bell, Courtney Brymer, Devon Burrow, Jacob Cates, Brian Crafton, Courtney Eldridge, Scott Eubanks, Mary Kathryn Farrow, Jessie Flanigan, Jordan Goff, Brett Hall, Dennis Isebell, Jay Kulin, Scott McKinney, Kaitlyn Parker, Zachery Pentecost, Hunter Scott, Brayden Sentell, Jermy Sims, Charlie Smith, Taylor Teague, Bailey Towell, Kelsen Watkins, Zac Wells, Kyler Williams.


Cheerleading sponsor Eva Towles presented awards to the junior high cheerleaders. She expressed her appreciation to the girls for their hard work.

Manila 7th grade football team.

They are Lauren Allensworth, Lexie Allensworth-captain, Danielle Lancaster, Cori Matthews, Hailey Bell, Courtney Brymer, Mary Kathryn Farrow, Kaitlyn Parker, Kelsen Watkins.

Junior high girls basketball:

Coach Jeff Priest presented the junior high girls basketball awards.

He thanked the administration, coaches, booster club, parents and the players.

"We were young this year but these kids got in there and worked hard and improved," Coach Priest said.

Manila girls junior basketball team.

Ninth grade -- Dina Aguilar.

Eighth grade -- Taylor Bishop, Cortney Craine, Morgan Earnest, Shelby Wallace, Kristen Wise.

Seventh grade -- Kirsten Adcock, Devon Burrow, Courtney Eldridge, Charlie Smith, Taylor Teague, Bailey Towell.

Individual awards:

Cortney Craine -- Best Offense and Most Rebounds.

Kristen Wise -- Best Defense.

Shelby Wallace -- Best free throw percentage.

Charlie Smith -- Most Improved.

Most Assists -- Taylor Teague.

Manila junior high football team.

Morgan Ernest -- Shot Club Champ.

Junior high boys basketball:

Coach John Deaton presented the junior high boys basketball team. The team ended the season with a 11-10 record with 7-6 in conference.

"We tied fourth in district with Rivercrest and were the runner-up in the Gerald Jennings Tournament for the third year," Deaton said. "The boys worked hard all year."

Team members are:

Ninth grade -- Garrett Baker, Dillon Burrow, Zack Day, Ryan Halford, Blake Miller, Jordan Moore.

Eighth grade -- Dylan Bogle, Jordan Brewer, Korey Cain, Travis Caldwell, Dylan Carmichael, JR Dehart, Zach Reinhart, Trey Walker, Colbey Williams. Manager is Justin Augustine.

Individual Awards:

Dillon Burrow -- Most Rebounds, Most Steals, Most Field Goals, Defensive Award.

Dylan Bogle -- Most Rebounds.

Garrett Baker -- Most Assists and Most Improved.

Manila boys junior high basketball team.

Blake Miller -- Most Charges.

Zack Day -- Best Free Throw percentage and Hustle Award.

Seventh grade boys basketball:

Coach Jeral Hudspeth recognized the seventh grade boys basketball team. Members of the team include Dylan Brooks, Jacob Cates, Scott Eubanks, Jesse Flanigan, Jordan Goff, Dennis Isebell, Jay Kulin, Scott McKinney, Brayden Sentell, Jermy Sims, Zac Wells, Kyler Williams.

Junior high football coach Jason Durham presented his junior high and seventh grade football team.

"The junior high team had the privilege of playing the first official game on our football field and won 48-0," Durham said. "We won three games and tied for fourth place. It was a great accomplishment for the team's first year."

Seventh grade football team:

Brian Adams, Dylan Brooks, Jacob Cates, Brian Crafton, Scott Eubanks, Jordan Goff, Brett Hall, Hunter Holt, Jay Kulin Zachery Pentecost, Josh Rollins, Hunter Scott, Brayden Sentell, Zac Wells and Kyler Williams.

Manila Junior High Sportsmanship Award winners are Kirsten Adcock and Zack Day.

Junior high football team:

Ninth grade -- Justin Barley, Dillon Burrow, Damon Clapp, Dillon Foster, Shane Lee, Cody Martin, Blake Miller, Tucker Miller.

Eighth grade -- Dylan Bogle, Jordan Brewer, Korey Cain, Nick Carmichael, Will Croquart, JR Dehart, Zach Green, Tyler Lewis, Chad Lisk, Zach Reinhart, Clayton Skelton, Geramie Stallings, Chase Thrasher, Nick Vancely, Dylan Wycoff, Colbey Williams, Landon Woody.

Individual Awards:

Dillon Burrow -- Outstanding Offensive Back and Touchdown Maker.

Blake Miller -- Outstanding Offensive Lineman.

Chad Lisk -- Outstanding Defensive Lineman.

Shane Lee -- Outstanding Special Teams Player.

Tucker Miller -- Most Improved.

Sportsmanship Awards:

Mrs. Adcock presented the Sportsmanship Awards for the 2008-09 year to Kirsten Adcock and Zack Day.

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