Lake City approves swimming pool ordinance

Monday, March 23, 2009

Lake City Council members unanimously passed Ordinance No. 236-09 after the third reading at the March 16 regular city council meeting.

The Ordinance, providing regulations for the construction and maintenance of swimming pools within the city of Lake City, was introduced and read for the first time at the January meeting. All outdoor bathing or swimming areas, above or below ground, which contain 12 inches of water or more, will be subject to the guidelines of the ordinance as well as the penalties for non compliance.

Before the third reading of the ordinance, Lake City resident Jimmy Cornwell presented pictures of their family swimming pool with an attached fence and asked the council to consider a variance to the proposed swimming pool ordinance. The fence around the top of the pool is 24 inches high and is not made of material specified in the ordinance. The pool has been up since 2005.

The council discussed the matter but took no action on a variance.

Resolution 316-09, a resolution to refer to Ordinance 236-09 as the Addison Jordan Ordinance, was approved by all council members present. Addison Jordan, 2, drowned in a pool in Lake City in the summer of 2008.

Council members present for the meeting were Brenda Hutcheson, Harold Barker, Tommy Eakins, Ann Davis, Jon Milligan and Kenneth Winford. Lake City Mayor Billy R. Anderson presided.

Jerry Bowman addressed the council requesting approval on the finalization of Kaitlyn Street.

Council members approved unanimously Kaitlyn Street for pavement, water and sewer.

Following a presentation from a representative with Storm Sirens, Inc., Council members voted 6-0 to purchase one 16V1T-B storm siren and bring the current siren up to date. The 16V1T-B siren is a rotating siren with a three mile radius, battery back-up, and radio remote.

Council voted to adopt a travel policy for the city establishing mileage rate and daily meal allowance. The mileage rate, which will be set by the city at an annual review, remained at 42 cents a mile. The daily meal allowance is $35 per day.

The Rules of Order and Procedure of the Lake City Council was adopted.

Mayor Anderson spoke on various topics including the possibility of getting a grant for sewer expansion, a quote on a mosquito control program, and updated the council on the progress of the clean-up from the January ice storm.

Anderson said he had received a quote from Vector Disease Control, Inc. for mosquito control at $72,500. Council members were in agreement to continue looking for other solutions to the problem.

Anderson also updated the council on his meeting with a representative from FEMA on the clean-up efforts from the recent ice storm.

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