Lake City Council cuts permit fees for school and churches

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Lake City Council voted to cut building permit fees for the school and churches at the city council meeting held on Feb. 16.

City Code Enforcer Terry Chisnall asked he council member to consider lowering the cost of the building permit for the new school to half of the original customary fee. The school does not receive any funding for permits. This must come out of the school budget. The regular fee for the building permit would be $8,000. Also discussed were charges for plumbing, electrical and HVACR permits.

The council decided if contractor's charge cost for permits in their total construction costs, the charge for permits would be the original fee. If this cost is passed on to the school, then the City of Lake City will lower the fee to one-half the cost of each permit issued.

A Council voted unanimously to lower the building permit fee to one-half the customary fee for the new Jr./Sr. High school, also for plumbing, electrical and HVACR permits if a contractor does not charge for a permit in the construction price, the City of Lake city will lower the customary fee to one-half of its cost for each permit.

A motion was then made by Alderman Tommy Eakins and seconded by Alderman Kenneth Winford to charge churches one-half the customary fee for building permits. This also passed unanimously.

City Clerk Linda Simpson read the second reading of Ordinance No. 236-09, an Ordinance to provide regulations for the construction and maintenance of swimming pools within the city of Lake City, providing for a penalty and for other purposes. The council unanimously approved the second reading.

The ordinance was introduced and read at the January meeting.

After the ordinance was read, Mayor Billy Anderson asked if anyone had any questions or concerns about the reading. Phillip Jordan said he was glad to see the Ordinance being passed though he would like to see steeper fines.

William Reeves asked if old pools would be picked up during the spring clean-up week.

Alderman Eakins informed him that Dedman Sanitation would pick up old swimming pools during that week if they were out by the curb for pickup.

Mayor Anderson informed the council of two bids received on the 2009 Dodge Charger police car. Bids were Landers Chrysler of Benton - $22,223 and Cardinal Chrysler of Memphis - $22,779.24. The council voted unanimously to accept the bid from Landers.

In other business:

*The council voted unanimously to provide the DARE program with $250 for service rendered to the City of Lake City and its residents.

*The council voted to give Mayor Anderson the authority to seek bids on a storm siren for the city.

*The board gave Mayor Anderson the authority to start proceedings necessary for the possibility of locating a new cemetery adjacent to the #2 ball field.

*Mayor Anderson reported Spring Clean-Up week will be held April 6-10. He said he had been in several meetings during the week with FEMA on the debris removal. The city will be doing its own clean-up and had recently received a burn permit.

*Alderman Brenda Hutcheson addressed the council with concerns about an emergency plan and wanted to know if the city had one. The need for a command center for future needs was discussed. After a discussion on what went wrong, Alderman Eakins commented on the excellent job the city workers, volunteer firemen and others did in cleaning the streets during the night and following day so the utility workers could come in and do their jobs.

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