Donovan Moore glad to be back at school

Wednesday, February 18, 2009
Donovan Moore is glad to be back at school and doesn't mind his schoolwork. He really enjoys recess, lunch and physical education classes. (Town Crier photos/Revis Blaylock)

Donovan Moore, 9, is glad to be back at school and has received a warm welcome from his friends, teachers, and staff at Buffalo Island Central East Elementary.

His mother, Tammy Moore, who works in the school cafeteria at BIC East, is also glad to be back.

It has been a long, difficult six months for Donovan since he was burned in an accident on July 10 while visiting his father in Jackson, Miss. Donovan received second and third degree burns over 40 percent of his upper body. With the skin graphs he needed, doctors said it was like having second and third degree burns over 85 percent of his body.

After a three month hospital stay, Donovan came home to Leachville and has been going back and forth to Little Rock. So far he has undergone 10 surgeries. He is also facing no less than 30 more surgeries in the future.

Donovan started back to school in January coming half days the first week. His mother waited a week before coming back to school.

"I had not left his side since July and it was a little difficult the first days," Ms. Moore said. "I would sneak in the back door of the cafeteria just in case he needed me. The teachers have been great and the students have been awesome."

Donovan has to wear pressure garments to help keep down the scarring but it has become part of his normal routine.

It is still an every day battle for Donovan. His mother does constant massaging two or three times a day. He presently is in the process of getting several doctors' opinions on the next step which will include plastic surgery.

"He will undergo his next surgery during spring break," Ms. Moore said. "After that heals, he will get to come back to school, and if all goes well he will begin another round of surgeries during the summer. They will begin to rebuild his lips so he can eat. Right now he drinks liquids through a straw and can eat only very small pieces."

Through it all, Donovan has retained his sense of humor and enjoys having fun with his friends and his brothers, Derick and Dylan.

Computer lab is another one of Donovan's favorite classes.

"God has given me the greatest gift of all, his survival," Ms. Moore said. "It is my Mother's Day present for the rest of my life. The people from the area have been supportive and I want to thank them and ask them to keep praying for Donovan."

Tammy and her sons moved to Leachville three years ago from Illinois.

"When you move to a new place, you are not sure what to expect," she said. "I can't say enough about the people of Leachville, my church family, or the people I work with. They have all been wonderful. We received so many cards of encouragement. Fund raisers were held and everyone has been so encouraging. The care and concern people have shown has blown me away. It is nice to live in a community where people really care."

Two words they have removed from their house are, "I can't."

"As I have told Donovan and my other sons, we can do anything together," Ms. Moore said.

Donovan was ready to come back to school and was disappointed he had to again be out of school because of the ice storm.

Donovan is a typical boy and said his favorite time at school includes recess, lunch and physical education classes.

"I really like to play dodge ball in P.E.," Donovan said.

He also enjoys going to computer lab.

He said he likes all of his teachers and really likes the P.E. teachers, Coach Turner and Terry Rose.

On his birthday in October he enjoyed a party at the community center. Donovan said he is thankful to be alive. He loves to eat at Bigg Butts and said he really likes Mr. Rodney's barbecue.

"My brothers are special, my Mom is special, and my teachers are special," Donovan said. "One of my best friends at school is named Rudy. I have a lot of friends and I am glad to be back in school."

Donovan has met a lot of doctors and nurses and said he would like to be a surgeon when he grows up so he can help other kids.

"If they see me, they will know what they can do, too," Donovan said.

BIC East Principal Shirley Cato said it is good to have Donovan and his mother back in school.

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