Swimming pool regulations passed by Lake City Council

Thursday, February 5, 2009

The Lake City Council worked through a lengthy agenda, consisting of new ordinances and addition of a new fireman to the force, at the regular council meeting held Monday, Jan. 19.

Lake City officials recently sworn in are, from left: Brenda Hutcheson, Harold Barker, Tommy Eakins, Mayor Bill Anderson, City Clerk Linda Simpson, Ann Davis, Kenneth Winford, and Jon Milligan. (Town Crier photo/Nan Snider)

The council declared an emergency and passed Ordinance 235-09 on the third reading. The ordinance approves the 2009 city budget.

Ordinance 236-09 was passed on the first reading and provides regulations, construction guidelines and maintenance of all outdoor swimming pools. Council members expressed their sensitivity for the ordinance due to the death last year of Addison Jordan, 2, who drowned in a nearby pool.

All outdoor bathing or swimming areas, above or below ground, which contain 12 inches of water or more, will be subject to coverage in this ordinance. No open or unlocked gates will be allowed. Self closing and self latching devices must be installed on gates. There must be seven and a half feet clearance from the property line. There are also regulations for placement near utility lines.

A building permit is required for placement of a pool, with approval by the code enforcer. Violators will be fined for each offence out of compliance. This ordinance will be in full force sixth days after the third reading and final passage of the ordinance. Pool owners are urged to begin preparation for the passage and enforcement of this ordinance, estimated to be in May of this year.

Alderman Brenda Hutcheson requested that the ordinance be named after Addison Jordan, although no action has been taken to do so.

"Whatever we do, we have to be ready to enforce it," Mayor Billy Anderson said. "We hope this will save the lives of children in the future."

No stipulations were given in the ordinance for bird baths, fountains, spas or fish ponds. These regulations cover bathing or swimming areas.

Fire Chief Norman Edison recommended the addition of fire person Brandiann Connelly, 25, to the Fire Department personnel. With this addition the fire force will consist of 25 firemen. All of these are CPR certified and 10 are First Responder certified.

"She will have one year to receivew her certification," Edison said.

Edison gave an update on action taken by the Lake City Fire Department in 2008. There were 78 First Responder runs, 15 for grass fires, five MVA, one cotton module, one tractor fire, one house fire, and mutual-aid with Monette Fire Department.

The council voted to purchase a new Bandit 1090XP brush chipper from Henard Utility Products Company for $27,000, with $24,000 received for the purchase and the remainder of the funds will be taken from state turn-back funds.

City Clerk Linda Simpson passed out copies of the city handbook to new council persons Brenda Hutcheson and Ann Davis.

The council discussed disposition of unused sick leave and carry over sick time, upon retirement. Employees are allowed to accumulate up to 30 days of such time. The council approved collection of the 30 days unused sick time upon an employees retirement. If employees quit or are fired they relinquish payment for sick days.

Simpson reviewed standaridizing cost of meals when council or employees are attending meetings or on city business. Reimbursement for meals will only be done when employees have to stay overnight. The decision to adopt a policy was tabled until the February meeting.

The Municipal League Meeting will be held June 17-19 in Hot Springs.

The next regularly scheduled council meeting will be Feb. 16 beginning at 6:30 p.m. at city hall.

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