Manila Gifted and Talented receives grant

Tuesday, January 13, 2009
Manila Gifted and Talented Program received a grant for three computers and a printer. Pictured are Manila Middle School Principal Diane Wagner, students who helped write the grant Abbie Jolliff, Jadyn Moore and MacKenzie Tate, and GT Sponsor Tim Bassing. (Town Crier photo/Revis Blaylock)

Manila Gifted and Talented students were excited to hear the grant they had helped write was approved. The grant program, administered by the Arkansas Securities Department, provides materials, equipment and resources to schools and qualified organizations to assist them in teaching students about securities, the stock market, and investment concepts.

The $2,616 grant provided three new laptop Acer computers and printer.

Tim Bassing, GT sponsor at Manila, said the students encouraged him to try for the grant.

"I was a little nervous about the grant and I asked the students if they would like to help," Bassing said. "They encouraged me to try. MacKenzie Tate, Abbie Jolliff and Jadyn Moore did the research and helped write the grant."

The four page grant application included a history of the school and how the equipment would be used in the classroom. A follow-up will have to be submitted in April.

Bassing praised the students for their efforts.

The new computers will be used for research and will be kept in the GT room.

"The old computers we had in the room were really slow," Bassing said. "We are very appreciative to the Arkansas Securities Department for sponsoring the program. The new equipment will be put to very good use. We also appreciate the support and encouragement we get from our principal, Diane Wagner."

There are 44 students in the Gifted and Talented program in the fourth through the sixth grades.

"We are very proud of our GT program, sponsor and participants," Diane Wagner, middle school principal said.

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