Manila School receives good audit

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Manila School Superintendent Pam Castor informed board members during the December meeting held Thursday the district received a good 2007 audit. She said the auditor's report had no significant deficiencies, no non-compliance, and no findings were recorded.

"As a result of the audit, it was suggested including the scholarship fund in the activity fund," Castor said. "It has always been a separate account. It will be moved to the activity account."

Castor said money from the bond proceeds for the building project had been invested in three (12 month, six month, and three month) certificates of deposits. The revenue from the CDs will go back into the project and the money will be available when the building project begins.

The Board also discussed the pros and cons of using a construction manager or strait bid procedure for the building project of the new elementary facility.

Castor said she had talked to several superintendents who had been pleased with using the construction manager method.

The board agreed to pursue the possibility of using a construction manager for the building project. Castor said she will put out the bids and the board can decide on who they want to talk to and set it up for the January meeting.

Since gasoline prices are down, Castor recommended going back to 29 cents a mile for reimbursement of travel. When the prices were up, the board had raised the amount to 40 cents a mile. Castor also recommended it be reviewed at least quarterly.

"I hate to do this but we have to consider what is best for the school district," President Johnny McCain said.

Castor said she doesn't want it to cost the employees but didn't want to supplement either.

"It sounds fair," Board member Brandon Veach said.

The board voted unanimously to set the mileage reimbursement at 29 cents a mile.

Following an executive session, the Board voted unanimously to hire Debbie Hall and Paula Sneed as custodians.

Three students, who have always been in the Manila District and now moved into the Buffalo Island Central District, requested a transfer to remain in the Manila District.

Castor said Buffalo Island Central had already approved their transfer out of their District to Manila.

The Board voted unanimously to approve the transfer.

In other business:

*The board approved renewing the liability insurance.

*Castor reminded the board the Christmas holiday will begin and school will resume Jan. 5. Teams are participating in the NEA and Nettleton Tournaments.

*McCain recognized the senior girls basketball team for winning the Gerald Jennings Tournament.

*Board member Tony Crowell also praised the outstanding Christmas programs presented by the elementary students.

*New board member Danny Robbins said the state school board meeting had been very informative.

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