Monette Council recognizes holiday decorating committee

Wednesday, December 17, 2008
The City of Monette recognized individuals who decorated the city for the Christmas season. Pictured are, from left: Nan Snider, Stephanie Strickland, Steve Suber, Barbara Suber, Joyce Read, Linda Qualls, Ernestine Harrell, Terri Higginbotham, Mayor Chub Qualls, and Martha Jane Hout. (photo provided)

The Monette City Council met Friday, Dec. 12, for an early council meeting and a citywide potluck Christmas dinner.

Mayor Chub Qualls gave an update on the Buffalo Island Museum.

"Fletcher Construction Company has found some problems with the roof that need to be fixed, while they are doing the renovation," Qualls said. "They have put in a dropped ceiling. They plan to fix the broken glass blocks on the east windows. So far our money is holding out. We have received many donations with the remainder to come in at least by Jan. 15.

"We have applied for a grant to get a wood chipper. We have filled out all the paper work for a burn permit at the city dump but won't be able to burn limbs and such in the future. The county will bury the debris we can't burn."

Qualls gave an update on employee David Moore, reporting he is going to be able to do light work for about three weeks then resume his full time duties.

The council voted to divide duties between Moore and Jerry Lamar. Moore will remain as water superintendent, and Lamar will be sewer superintendent.

They will each receive the same salaries, and share responsibilities.

The council went into a short executive session to discuss hiring and firing of employees but made no decisions when re-convening.

Copies of the city's tentative budget for 2009 were passed out but a decision was tabled until the January meeting in order to give councilmen time to review details.

"I spoke to Mark Hayes of the Municipal League and was informed we should not expect revenue from the income generated by our recent annexation until the beginning of 2011," Qualls said. "We can't take a special census within two years of a general census. We still have to fulfill our promises to our new residents. We will provide trash containers and start charging sanitation fees in March 2009."

The council approved the nomination of Ray Finley to a five-year term on the Monette Housing Authority board, beginning January 2009. Finley has served on the board since January 1997.

The council agreed to consider the addition of newly annexed citizens to the board for future board positions.

Mayor Qualls presented outgoing councilman Steve Suber with an appreciation plaque for his eight years of service.

Individuals were recognized for decorating the city for the Christmas season. These included Mayor Chub Qualls, Beautification Chairman Joyce Read, Bill Benham, Ray Wycoff, Vickki Carroll, Stephanie Strickland, Barbara Suber, Steve Suber, Nan Snider, Linda Qualls, Ernestine Harrell, Raye Finley, Terri Higginbotham, Angie Rolland, Marcie Strickland, and Tara Roach.

The city presented Mayor Qualls with a personalized pen and gift following the council meeting.

The next regularly scheduled council meeting will be 7 p.m. Jan. 26 at city hall.

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