Caraway Council passes ordinances

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The Caraway city council worked through a short agenda consisting of ordinances, one resolution and discussion on other topics at the council meeting Thursday, Oct. 13.

The council declared an emergency and passed the 2008-2 Cross Connection Ordinance with three readings.

"This ordinance gives us the teeth to go out and turn the water off, if it does not comply," Water Superintendent Terry Couch said. "This will bring us up to standard with plumbing codes and regulations. It will also protect our water supply from backflow. We plan to check all cut-off valves. This will also apply to irrigation systems if they are hooked up to city water."

The council passed the condemnation of unsightly and unsanitary properties Ordinance 2008-1 on the third and final reading

"Our attorney is finalizing the details for us to proceed with condemning properties," Riley said. "It will probably be the first of the year before we process these."

Approval of Resolution 2008-6 allows the city to continue collecting personal property tax at a rate of 1.8 mills.

"The pager that was bought for the Police Department ended up costing $1,240, instead of the $800 we approved last month," Mayor Barry Riley said. "The extra $400 was for a warranty and a case."

The council voted to add the additional cost to the approved amount.

The council discussed the request by Don Staggs to mow city properties around the rodeo arena.

"I talked to the members of the Rodeo Association and they said we were executors of the property and for us to do what is needed," Riley said.

"We need to have a contract so it will not get out of hand," Alderman Bo James said. "We need to decide how often it needs to be mowed. We don't want it to get grown up."

"Don is willing to do whatever is necessary to mow these properties," Alderman Marvin Browning said. "He would be willing to sign a contract. He is also interested in mowing the property down by the city pond."

"This would free up our men to do something else and save us about $6,000 a year on labor," Riley said.

"I live down there and we don't want it to get deep before it is mowed," Alderman Diane Powell said. "We need a contract so it will be done as we need it done."

"He could put more time in to fertilize so that it will grow thick grass with better quality," Terry Couch said.

"It will need to be picked up after mowing and not stored there," Riley said. "I can check with our attorney and get him to prepare a contract for Don to sign."

The final decision was tabled until the contract could be agreed upon between the city and Staggs.

Mayor Riley announced the next Cemetery Clean-Up date had been set for Oct. 18.

The city's Fall Festival will be held on Oct. 25 from noon until 4 p.m.

Mayor Riley reported on the new "Renovation Appreciation" project implemented by the City Beautification Committee.

Jerry Murphy reported city stop signs were fading out and requested they be replaced, whenever possible.

The council discussed holding a second Clean Sweep Week in Caraway, but were opposed to bringing in a roll-off container for trash collection. The annual clean-up takes place in April of each year. No plans were made for a second pick-up.

The next regularly scheduled council meeting will be 6 p.m. Nov. 13, at city hall.

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