18 vie for Monette Manor Queen

Wednesday, October 1, 2008
Winners of the Monette Manor Pageant are, from left: Anna Wilmoth, second runner-up; Queen Bea Flanagan; Anna Jones, first runner-up. (Town Crier photo/Revis Blaylock.

Monette Manor held its annual pageant Thursday, Sept. 25, with 18 contestants participating. Family and staff members assisted in helping the women get ready for the pageant.

Karissa Pendergrass played the piano and sang for the event. Judges were Marsha Davis, Margarete Reed and Norma Gathright.

2007 reigning queen Bernice Southern was present to crown the new queen.

"I'm ready for some of these other girls to have as good a time as I have had representing Monette Manor," Southern said.

Southern has been a resident at Monette Manor for three years and won first runner up in the District Pageant last year.

The winner will participate in the District Queen Pageant on Oct. 2 at the St. Bernards Auditorium.

Wendy Carpenter served as emcee and hostess for the event asking each woman about her family, life events, and hobbies.

Participants were Winnie spikes, 70, of Monette; Estella Dortch, 90, of Leachville; Gladys Whitehead, 59, of Manila; Anna Hughey, 82, of Blytheville; Anna Jones, 94, of Manila; Louellen Adams, 97, of Keiser; Anna Wilmoth, 93, from Leachville and Arbyrd; Helen Chadwick, 71, of Leachville; Glina Gammill, 79, of Leachville; Loretta Henson, 60, of Leachville and Monette; Opal Rash, 85, of Carson lake and Wilson; Bea Flanagan, 73, of Steele, Mo.; Elsie Burks, 90, from Leachville and Caraway; Maxine Rowley, 80, of Michigan; Wayna Hollis, 79, from Leachville; Norene Whitaker, 67, from Leachville; Nellie Woodard, 88, of Caraway; Mary Denny, 80, from Missouri.

Each contestant received a rose.

Glina Gammill received the Life History trophy. Mrs. Gammill called herself a country girl who picked and chopped cotton to eat. One of her interesting life accomplishments was working on President Ronald Reagan's campaign and being awarded the medal of merit. She said she liked President Reagan as an actor and a president.

Mary Denny received the Congeniality Award. Mrs. Denny worked in a bank in Hayti during her working years. She enjoys reading and said the biggest event in her life was having her son. She enjoys being with the people at Monette Manor.

Anna Wilmoth won second runner-up; Anna Jones, first runner-up; and Bea Flanagan was crowned the 2008 Queen.

Mrs. Wilmoth has been at Monette Manor for six months. She has lived in the Leachville and Arbyrd, Mo., area. She said she was raised on a farm where she milked cows and made butter. She has seven children and 16 grandchildren. She enjoys reading. She said one of the biggest events in her life was going to the fair with her children for the first time. She named the 32nd President, Franklin D. Roosevelt as a person she admired.

"His platform was to get everyone back on his feet by giving them a chicken in every pot," she said. "He gave everyone a cooker, 12 chickens and a rooster, and garden seeds."

Mrs. Jones lived in California for 10 years and Manila. She said worked on farms and in fruit. She loved to fish and said she had fished in both oceans and caught a 25 pound tuna.

She has one son, one granddaughter and two great-grandchildren. She said she enjoys being at Monette Manor.

"We have good food and music to enjoy," she said.

Bea Flanagan, 2008 Miss Monette Manor, is from Steele. She has two children and eight grandchildren. She worked in cafes cooking and waiting on tables. She said her best life's accomplishments were when she as saved and baptized.

"My award was having Jesus in my life," she said.

Her hobbies include dancing and cross stitching. She said she always admired Elvis Presley and enjoyed a tour of his home.

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