Lake City Council OKs Medic One coverage

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Medic One Executive Director Chip Mann presented information concerning the company's air and ground membership program at the Lake City Council meeting Monday evening, Sept. 22. He said city employees can receive coverage at $69 per year. A family plan covers up to six family members, living in-house, for an additional cost of $11 annually. After a brief discussion the city agreed to provide coverage to all employees, which included councilmen and firemen who have completed their certification requirements. This will result in and estimated 41 people.

Mayor Billy Anderson encouraged councilmen to consider employee raises and possible purchase of one police car and leasing another, when making plans for the 2009 city budget.

The council discussed feasibility of using program cars which would allow the a new car every two years. No decision was made.

City Clerk Linda Simpson is currently working on a proposal for employee gas mileage rates for use of personal vehicles and for presentation at the October meeting.

Mayor Anderson updated the council on city projects.

"We are waiting on approval from the Health Department so we can begin work on Bush Street in about three weeks," Anderson said. "We picked up our new 2008 F250 Ford fire service truck today. The paving on Cedar Health has been completed. Our attorney is working on an ordinance now for swimming pools and fences. The city will be picking up limbs, up to six inches in diameter, but will no longer pick up miscellaneous items such as old toys, furniture, and items too large for regular trash pick up. These items can be taken to the Craighead County Garbage Disposal located on Highway 18. Citizens will be charged a dumping fee for these."

"We have applied for a grant to purchase a new chipper," Anderson said, "and should know something this month."

Alderman Kenneth Winford asked the council who was allowed to ride in the city police cars The reply was the mayor, council members, city employees or anyone with city insurance would be allowed to ride.

"Are firemen considered employees?" Winford asked.

Mayor Anderson agreed to check with the Chief of Police and get back to the council with the information.

Alderman Mark Mann moved the city honor a decision made by the prior administration to place grass on ball field #1.

"We are missing the boat with this park," Mann said. "It needs to be grassed. We can hold Little League tournaments and state tournaments if it has grass. The wind blows off the dirt and we have to add more each year or two. Grass will hold the dirt down."

Mann was asked why the council had to vote again since the agreement was made already.

"Because he (Mayor Anderson) refused to do it," Mann said. "It is too late for this year but can be done at the end of the season next year."

The council passed the motion to honor the commitment with a 4-2 vote. Aldermen Harold Baker and Jon Miller voted against the decision.

Baker and Miller both said the field needs to be used for different age groups and would be more versatile as it is.

"This doesn't mean we can't change it," Anderson said. "This just means more expense on it."

The council discussed the need for more than one clean sweep each year, but no definite plans were made.

The next regularly scheduled council meeting will be held at 6:30 p.m. Oct. 20 at city hall.

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