Caraway purchases Jet-Vac

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Caraway City Council worked through a short agenda during the meeting Thursday, Sept. 11.

Mayor Barry Riley praised Terry Couch, Merle Bard, Bo James and Johnny Boatmen for the excellent decision they made in selecting the 1981 Brigadier Jet-Vac truck during a two-day trip to Detroit. The truck's estimated worth was listed at $50,000 to $60,000 but the men were able to purchase it for $21,250. It will be paid for out of the Water and Sewer Department.

Terry Couch and Merle Bard demonstrate the speed and efficiency of the new Jet Vac truck in finding underground lines. (Town Crier photo/Nan Snider)

The council discussed payment arrangements on the truck.

"Do we have any major needs in the Water and Sewer Department right now?" Alderman Bo James asked.

"Everything costs a lot of money and it can go out in a night," Terry Couch said. "Right now our equipment is O.K."

"I think we should just go ahead and pay for it now," James said.

The council voted to pay for the Jet-Vac truck in full.

The council passed Ordinance 2008-1 on the second reading.

Mayor Riley announced when the Solid Waste Grant of $3,150 is received the city would start the bluebag recycling program.

"The city received a letter from DAR representative Shirley Foust asking the city to pass a proclamation declaring Sept. 17-23 Constitution Week in Caraway," Riley said.

The council unanimously passed the proclamation.

Riley announced the city had been informed they were not eligible for the fireman grant that they were pursuing.

"Due to the success of our past cemetery clean-ups, we are planning another one for Oct. 18, beginning at 8 p.m." Riley said. "We won't need to haul in dirt this time, just clean-up."

Alderman Marvin Browning said he had been contacted by Don Staggs about being allowed to cut the grass at the rodeo arena for hay.

"He agreed to cut it every two or three weeks, starting next summer if possible," Browning said. "It will need to be 2-4 inches tall with each cut. He agreed to fertilize and spray it. He will cut it at no cost to us."

"We may need to advertise it and give everyone a chance," Riley said.

"We need to ask the people who have been taking care of the rodeo arena first," Alderman James said. "These people need to be involved in this decision."

"The property behind the dollar store is not rodeo area," Riley said.

"What would determine who gets to do it?" said Browning.

"Just a vote from us," Riley said.

"I wanted to do that a while back and they wouldn't let me have it," Merle Bard said.

"Would you still be interested in doing it?" asked James.

"No." said Bard.

"Don has asked to do this before," Couch said. "Someone needs to take care of it, as it looks bad."

Mayor Riley agreed to check with the rodeo arena members and get back to the council next month.

Alderman James inquired about the status of allowing portable basketball goals in the streets. They have been reported in Missouri, Memphis and Tennessee Streets.

"They have been contacted," Police Chief Jerry Vaughn said. "I will do it again."

Addressing another problem Vaughn asked the council to purchase another taser, since only two officers are being used. The estimated cost is $800.

"We may not be able to swing it this year, but might be able to get a grant for it next year," Riley said.

"We're not getting any help over here, it is just us," Vaughn said. "We need the taser for security."

"We told them that we would get another taser when our Pete (Williams) finished school," James said. "I think we need to do it."

The council voted to purchase another taser.

The next regularly scheduled council meeting will be 6 p.m. Oct. 9 at city hall.

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