Manila fire station on schedule

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Mayor Clifford Veach reviewed the budget to date and reported on new fire station progress at the August Manila City Council meeting on Monday evening, Aug. 18.

During the budget review Veach reviewed each department giving a detailed report. He commented only two departments, water and sanitation, are not holding its own. He reminded the council the employee bonuses came from these accounts.

"The two departments will need some help and I think we knew that going into the year," Veach said. "I don't see any problems with any others."

Manila's newly constructed fire station is nearing completion. (Town Crier photo/Revis Blaylock)

Later in the meeting, Mayor Veach requested the transfer of money from the General Account ($150,000) and the Swimming Pool Account ($50,000) to be placed in Certificates of Deposit where it will draw more interest. The council voted unanimously to the transfer of funds.

Veach said he expects the new fire station to be complete by the next meeting.

"It is really going to be nice," he said. "The concrete has been poured."

The new 4,500 square foot fire station is located on Olympia Street. The lights are up and the sheet rock work has been done. Electricity should be turned on by Aug. 25.

Mayor Veach told the council he had been looking into possible grants available to provide sewer to several houses along Costner Road.

"I can't say for sure, but the project looks promising," Veach said. "It could be doable. If this works, the city would have to commit $20,000. Nothing is for sure yet."

Mayor Veach discussed the new wood chipper.

"We have a new chipper," Veach said. "It has a larger capacity than the old one and should not be broken down as much."

Councilman Dwight Booth said he had been approached by people who live on a dead end street and he asked if the chipper would be able to service those residents.

Water and sewer supervisor Henry Ford said there are places in town where they cannot turn the chipper around and a pick-up truck and trailer will be used to haul the limbs out.

Mayor Veach said it is the city's job to service everyone. He said he would like to see the chipper run at least every two weeks.

In other business:

*Council agreed to continue the review of the ordinance codification for another month. The city recently had all ordinances compiled. Mayor Veach would like to see it in a more permanent form to help preserve the pages. Councilman Leroy Douglas said the format and layout is good.

*The council had no objection to allowing Mayor Veach to sell the old chipper.

*Mayor Veach talked about obtaining 96 gallon trash containers. He said several firms and individuals have expressed a desire to purchase the containers. Veach said he had looked into the cost at several places and found Lowe's the most reasonable. He said the city can obtain the containers for about $85 each and anyone interested in purchasing one can prepay the city. They can contact city hall for more information.

*The Council voted to allow animal control officer Steve Bowman to attend a training academy in Eureka Springs. Ford said the city is currently legal but the training will allow an upgrade in Bowman's classification.

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