Leachville Police Department receives funds

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Leachville Police Department has been able to replace, upgrade and add new equipment at no cost to the taxpayers thanks to a Justice Assistant Grant (JAG) state 90/10 grant for $5,000 and a $2,000 incentive award from the Click It or Tick It campaign through the Criminal Justice Institute (CJI).

Lt. Steve Lancaster (left) and Leachville Police Chief Keith Evans show one of the items, a rifle, purchased with a JAG grant. (Town Crier photo/Revis Blaylock)

Leachville Chief of Police Keith Evans and Lt. Steve Lancaster agreed the extra funding has been helpful.

The JAG grant was used for a sound system for the courtroom, a laptop for the court clerk, video surveillance equipment along main street, purchase of a new .223 rifle for the department, and a Wi-Fi cell phone signal booster system. This will allow better cell phone reception when the officers are inside offices.

Lt. Lancaster submitted the data from the recent Click It or Tick It Campaign which qualified the city for a drawing for $2,000.

"We were notified we had won the drawing," Lt. Lancaster said. "We have received the incentive money the last two years, also."

Evans and Lancaster are working on a "wish list" and once it is approved by the CJI, the department will receive the money. They plan on using the funds for flash lights, reflective vests, and portable tire deflating equipment.

"We received an extra $7,000 in 30 days," Chief Evans said. "We appreciate it and we are glad to get the equipment."

The Leachville officers plan on participating in the Labor Day "Drunk Driving -- Over the Limit, Under Arrest" program. It is also sponsored by the CJI with the same incentive offered.

Leachville Mayor Shelia Spurlock commended the officers for taking the time to pursue the funding available to local police departments.

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