BIC District receives technology donation

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Buffalo Island Central East Elementary School will be receiving new computers to be placed in the classrooms thanks to a $25,000 donation from the Adams/Vines Foundation.

Jake Engles, technology coordinator for the District, expressed his appreciation for the generous gift.

"The money will be used to replace all classroom computers in the East elementary," Engles said. "The computers in the classrooms are about six years old and are outdated. Through the gift from Adams/Vines Foundation the district has the ability to go forward in technology."

The updated computers in the classrooms can be used for many things including electronic grading system, remediation, Star Reading and Star Math networking.

"The new computers are Vista compatible which will enable us to be closer to meet future state standards on technology," Engles said. "We have a way to go, but we have made a lot of improvements."

"With the computers in the classrooms, students can have access to the computers without having to make arrangements to go to the computer lab," Engles said. "We have networking throughout the building. All of the network switches have been replaced with gigabit switches speeding up the flow and data from 10 to 100 percent faster."

Engles has been with the BIC District for four years. The District has over 400 computers and 10 servers throughout the school. It keeps him busy. During the school year he offers technology support to teachers and students as well as keeping all the computers up and running. During the summer months he works completely revamping every computer, installing new computers and software making sure all the computers are ready for each new school year.

"All of the new computers we are installing come with a five year warranty," he said. "The new computers will be a great asset to BIC. Again, thanks to the donation we will be able to upgrade sooner. The Adams family really cares about our students and our school.

"Technology is only one part of the overall school budget and with the rising cost of fuel and food our administrators have to be careful. With the gift we will be able to go forward a little quicker for the students. Technology changes fast and we have made a lot of improvements over the last few years."

Engles said the district also received a $25,000 donation last year. Last year's gift was used to replace computers in the high school library lab."

Superintendent George Edd Holland said they plan to update the west elementary next.

"Jake does an excellent job for the District and with the suppoort we get from the Adams/Vines Foundation, we will continue to provide the best technology we can," Holland said.

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