Lake City street closed due to flooding

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The Lake City council discussed bids for a new fire truck, awarding bids on street paving, and closing Bush Street at the regular council meeting held Monday, May 19.

The city is advertising for sealed bids on a new truck for the fire department. Bids are to be opened on May 27, at 9 a.m. at city hall.

"We have $30,000 appropriated in the budget this year," said Mayor Billy Anderson. "Act 833 money is also available for use."

Atlas Asphalt Company was awarded the city's paving bid at $7,500.

Discussion was held concerning closing Bush Street, in order to install an above ground pumping station. Alternatives, flooding and the existing sewer problems were discussed. Mayor Anderson presented a diagram of the proposed new pumping station and a photo of a similar building. The new pumping station diagram showed the use of two pumps, allowing one pump to always be in service, even when the second one is being repaired.

"We have an ongoing problem with sewer being pushed out and under people's houses," Anderson said. "If we don't do something then the Health Department will come in and make us do it."

"Will this solve the problem?" asked alderman Kenneth Winford.

"These pumps will pump three times more than the others," Anderson said.

Two letters concerning the closing of Bush Street were received from Vicki Skomp, of Elnora, Ind., and Marcene Timms, of Lake City. Timms opposed the closing of the street citing devaluation of property. Skomp cited lack of proper notification to owners and requesting a copy of the state's approval of the project.

"I wish we could afford to do anything else, but we can't," said Anderson. "All the sewage from the older part of town is pumped thought he Bush Street unit. We can't move the station anywhere else. The old system doesn't run two pumps but the new one will."

"I hate to have it on that street," said alderman Jon Milligan. "One of the ladies has property adjacent to that street that she can't get to. If there is any other way that is better or easier, we need to consider it."

"Let's just make sure we cover every base and see what can be done," said Mark Mann.

"Believe me, I have," said Anderson.

After a brief discussion the council approved plans to close the street and installation of the pumping station.

Due to a labor law the City of Lake City is unable to keep and maintain the new drug dog acquired from the City of Monette. Ownership of the police dog has been transferred to the City of Bay.

Plans were discussed to level field #1 at the city park when the ball season is over.

"We can use Mark Ladd to level field #1 like he did for field #2," Anderson said. "We won't sod the field, just level it."

"I think we are hurting our 13 and 14 year olds kids by not having a field for them to use," said alderman Mark Mann. "I think we need to use all three fields. We need a field with 90-foot bases. Kevin Hall, coach at the school, said we can practice on their fields for the time being."

"We don't want a field just sitting there and not being utilized," Mayor Anderson said. "There is no reason to sod it if the games on it are going to ruin the grass."

The council voted unanimously to level field #1.

The council authorized Mayor Anderson and City Clerk Linda Simpson to sign any and all documents pertaining to the lease agreement between the city and Alltel for construction of a tower. The tower will be located behind the current fire station on Fourth Street.

"What if we need to add on to the fire station in the future," said Milligan.

"We wouldn't add on to that station," said Anderson. "We would build a new one."

Ordinance 231-08, concerning no keeping of livestock and poultry in city limits, was passed on the first reading. The new ordinance amends old Ordinance 57.

The next regularly scheduled council meeting will be on June 16, at 6:30 p.m., at city hall.

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