Tornado leaves damage in Etowah area

Tuesday, May 6, 2008
A motor home was left destroyed in a field near Little River Subdivision. (Town Crier photo/Revis Blaylock)

Two tornadoes touched down in and around the Etowah area on Friday afternoon leaving several residents with home damage, uprooted trees, and debris scattered across the countryside.

According to Red Cross damage assessment, two mobile homes used as storage sheds in Etowah had moderate damage. Most of the damage to houses occurred on a half mile stretch of South State Highway 77 between State Highways 140 and 297. Two homes received major damage. The roof was blown off one home and the back side of the house was torn off another home. Four homes received moderate damage and one home received minor damage. There was one minor injury reported and it was treated at the scene. A business, Morgan Dual Controls, was completely destroyed.

Red Cross volunteer Billy Wilbanks arrived Saturday with water and snacks for the residents and volunteers working to clean-up after Friday's tornado. Talking with Wilbanks is Janice Morgan as she is looking at the damage of her husband's business, Morgan Dual Controls. (Town Crier photo/Revis Blaylock)

The area receiving damage is known as the Little River Subdivision near Garden Point Cemetery. Residents, friends and family members were out working on clean up Friday evening and back early Saturday morning.

One resident, Donna Richmond, said they had a lot of friends assisting with the clean up.

"We appreciate everyone who came out," she said. "The Red Cross was here on Friday evening with water and snacks and back on Saturday. It is going to take a lot of clean-up."

Dale and Janice Morgan, owners of Morgan Dual Controls, lost a shop building, vehicles, and received damage to their newly constructed office. The business had been in the area for four years. The office had been completed only two weeks.

Mr. Morgan, a retired rural mail carrier in Manila, said he plans on rebuilding. He puts in dual controls in mail carrier vehicles. This is their second time to be hit this year. Their home in the Hardy area was hit by a tornado in February.

David Lendennie, Mississippi County Emergency officer, reported no road closures in the county.

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