Manila athletes learning the basics

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Manila hosted a football camp for young athletes in fourth through the seventh grade with 22 boys participating. The camp was held on Saturday and Sunday afternoon.

Coaches Toby Doke, Steven Milligan and Jason Durham, along with high school volunteers, conducted the camp. High school boys helping with the camp were Zach Birmingham, Tim Decker, Lance Kilbreath, Spencer Cain and David Pasley.

"We want to thank all of our sponsors for the tee shirts and supporting the program," Coach Doke said.

Each participant received a tee shirt. Ribbons were given to the first and second place winners in the pro agility drills.

Winners were:

Fourth grade -- Jeremy Wattigney (37.03) first place; Dalton Clay (37.41) second place.

Fifth grade -- Thomas Davis (31.57) first place; Caleb Reinhart (33.25) second place.

Sixth grade -- Jacob Cates (35.54) first place; Brayden Sentell (41.28) second place.

Seventh grade -- Jack Reinhart (33.53) first place; Landon Woody (39.47) second place.

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