Manila students recognized for scores

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Manila elementary students were recognized for work completed on the first "Benchmark Train Your Brain Contest."

The project, under the direction of Tim Bassing, gifted and talented coordinator, started in January and ended March 7. Students were responsible for picking up and dropping off practice tests three days a week. The practice tests had five questions with each correct answer worth five points. Students had the opportunity to make a possible 575 points.

"I am proud of you," Bassing said. "In order to win you have to start at the beginning and stay to the end. I love marathons. You started and you finished. You showed a lot of responsibility. I have no doubts you will do good on the tests because you are responsible people."

First and second place winners received bicycles or an $80 shopping spree at The Turtle Creek Mall. The overall winner was awarded $400.

Diane Wagner, principal, presented the winners who received a standing ovation from the teachers, guests and student body.

Winners were:

First and second grade -- Paris Rich with 570 points; Ray Fleeman with 545.

Third and fourth grade -- Ambrette Veach with 535 and Rachel Braden with 455.

Fifth and sixth grade -- Jennifer Carroll with 539; Brayden Sentell with 500.

The overall winner was second grade student Paris Rich.

Students making 300 points or more were recognized.

First grade -- Forrest William David Keys, Sydney Adcock, Brock Birmingham, Jacob Tarver, John Walsh, Kyle Weston.

Second grade -- Tranea Brooks, Bailey Daniels, Loren Davison, Ryan Davison, Hadley Day, Paul Fleeman, Geoffery George, Natalee Griffin, Noah Hamilton, Brenda Holt, Chloe Johnson, Margueritte Moore, Madison Mullen, Logan Oliger, Ava Pate, Paris Rich, Kira Rogers, Alyssa Smith, Hunter Tarver, Bradey Woodall, Andi Baker, Neal Benson, Dalton Brumley, Kaytlin Costner, Nicholas Leone, Dylan Mattingly, Sadie Mays, Jose Perez, Vallory Spain, Savannah Stratmoen, Jordan Tyler, Taylor Willis, Elizabeth Arnold, Herbert Boyd, Jr., Dalton Joel Burrow, Bryce Carpenter, Dylon Carruth, Mark Corter, Miles Gifford, Charles Grimaldo, Dalton Hitchcock, Corey Hurt, Vanessa Luna, William McCain, Sasha Pannells, Garrett Simpson, Ashley Sisemore, Gracyn Smith, Kyler Smith, Olivia Stankiewicz, Micah Lancaster, Emily Smith.

Third grade -- Trace Carmichael, Spencer Foster, Karla Hice, Abby Hurley, Danielle Johnson, Haylee Kirk, Leigh Smithson, Jordyn Wheeler, Emalee Griffin, Aubrey Kelley, McKenzie Shedd, Hannah Teague, Ambrette Veach, Ashley DeLong.

Fourth grade -- Rachel Braden, Dalton Clay, Millie Beth Couch, Alexis Cruz, Kristopher Gann, Katie Myers, Christopher Pennington, Aundi Russell, Courtney Scott, Mildred Hale, Jeremy Wattigney, Jenna Benson, Callie Cater, Sarah Craig, Taylor Harmon, Haley Hicks, Briana Myrick, Laura Smithson, Lauren Woody.

Fifth grade -- Heather Carroll, Samantha Carter, Rachel Johnson, Cameron Owen, Nicole Parsons, Mackenzie Tate, Erica Petty, Heather Hollis, Zach Ballard.

Sixth grade -- Courtney Eldridge, Brett Hall, Haley Henderson, Lacie Kirk, Katie Lancaster, Courtney Laster, Mallory Lorren, Effie Maness, Kaitlyn Parker, Rebekah Russell, Ashley Trapp, Sandy Vancely, Cynthia Guterrez, Cristin Adcock, Dylan Lee Brooks, Deven Burrow, Jennifer Carroll, Aaron Fleeman, Teresa Leone, Tristan McCain, Samantha McKaskle, Karley Moore, Anna Reyna, Brayden Sentell, Charlie Smith, Miranda Tiekamp.

Mr. Bassing challenged the students and if the elementary makes Standard on the upcoming tests, he will let them shave his head.

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