Etowah receives grant for cemetery project

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The Town of Etowah was awarded a Department of Arkansas Heritage grant of $10,569 for a proposed project at the Garden Point Cemetery.

Etowah Mayor Charles Bo McCollum said the project consists of mapping and identifying the gravesites at the Garden Point Cemetery using a computer program used on a laptop computer called Spatial Generations.

This mapping will allow the Cemetery Committee and Town of Etowah to be able to account for all grave sites more affectively and identify historical figures buried at Garden Point.

The project will allow the Cemetery Committee and Town of Etowah to better serve the local, state, federal and international communities by being able to share information about deceased family members to citizens wanting to know about their ancestors and history. This information will not only be available locally but also via the internet.

"Our resident cemetery historian, Shirley Heard Brackett Mathey, has graciously volunteered her time and talents to enter all the data and work with the software company to make sure our data is correct and available to all," Mayor McCollum said.

The website will show the cemetery's listing on the National Register of Historic Places and will list the historical descendants buried within the cemetery. In addition, obituaries of the people buried at the cemetery will be available for viewing.

The Department of Arkansas Heritage received 202 applications for a total of $4.2 million, but funding of $600,000 limited the committee to selection of only 33 projects.

"Congratulations to the members of your organization for their contributions in providing an outstanding project that preserves Arkansas's heritage," Randy Denis, program manager said.

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