Monette structures considered for National Historic Society acceptance

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Town Crier News Staff

Monette City Council meeting was held at noon on Dec. 11, followed by the annual city employee potluck luncheon.

The council worked through a short agenda that consisted of park and street reports, and two city structures being considered for acceptance on National Historic Society listing.

Mayor Chub Qualls reported the utility pole in the middle of the street at the sports park had been moved. The last pile of trees and roots had been taken care of. Plans were to start building the new street (Edna Mae Way), and building up the road by pulling in the ditch. Water is being drained to the west, where a new ditch will be added

The old bank building, which is being renovated as a museum, and old water tower are waiting for approval for acceptance into the National Historic Society.

"Ernestine (Harrell) and I attended the state meeting," Qualls said. "With this status we can qualify for grants.

"Can we also qualify for grants on the tower?" Alderman Tom Carroll said.

"Yes," said Qualls. "The Historic Society was pleased with the building and the intent for its use. We have applied for a $25,000 grant."

"We need to modify our budget of $40,000 to the museum," Alderman Steve Suber said.

"No, that will be for improvement funds," Qualls said. "Senator (Paul) Bookout said it would be January before we get the money."

Ongoing annexation plans were discussed.

"We need to identify what is to be annexed and have it surveyed," Qualls said. "We need to decide on a letter to send to petition for a vote on it. For it not to cost anything you need to get it on the November ballot. There are more minuses than losses by the petition. Someone must ask to be annexed and start a petition. If the council votes to annex we will have a couple of open public meetings first."

"I have talked to two surveyors and they charge $95 per hour," he said. "I talked to Wayne Menley. He will be here on Jan. 2 to talk about another way to do it. He said it is better to go to the school lines. We need to look at what is to be annexed and decide what we want to do."

"In looking at the map, we need to extend it down the road by the Baptist Church and take in another 40," Alderman Tom Carroll said.

"We don't want to take in both sides," Qualls said. "If we take in both sides of the road we would have to keep it up."

The council voted to go forward with annexation plans.

The council passed Resolution 2007-3, which is a FEMA requirement to qualify for funding.

"The fire project is an agreement between the two departments, Monette and Black Oak," Qualls said. "Either party can break the agreement within 90 days.

An agreement was passed around to council to be read.

Monette Fire Chief Bob Blankenship was listed on the agenda to give a report but was unable to attend.

"Is there a time limit to be able to use the Act 833 money?" Alderman Joyce Read said.

"Yes," Qualls said.

The council voted to accept the fire project agreement between the two towns.

In other business:

The council tabled a decision to accept the proposed 2008 budget until the January meeting.

Mayor Qualls gave a report on the handling of tree limbs in the city.

"The chipping worked out good," Qualls said. "The truck is in good shape and will be ready again next month.

The next regularly scheduled council meeting will be on Jan. 28 at city hall beginning at 7 p.m.

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