BIC school board approves amendments

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Buffalo Island Central school board officials reviewed and approved amendments to the district policies on Monday, Nov. 12, at the regular November meeting.

Amendments are:

*Change wording from "have read" to "have received" on parent signature sheets.

*Add to the elementary student handbook: all excuses not defined as excused will be considered unexcused.

*Add the district's smart core curriculum policy to the elementary student handbook.

*Add to student transfer policy the following statement: Students that have been expelled or are in the process of being expelled by another district will not be accepted for transfer.

*Forms used during student registration will have the word "optional" placed beside each blank requesting the student's social security number.

*Add the following statement to section on parent-teacher communication: teachers are required to communicate during the school year with the parent(s) or legal guardian(s) of each of their students to discuss academic progress.

*Add the following: Weighed credit will be awarded to students that successfully complete advanced placement, International Baccalaureate, and ADE Honor courses, if the instructor has completed the required training and the student takes the required end of course exam.

*Elementary handbook-add statement that lists disciplinary penalties ranging from a minimum of verbal reprimand to a maximum of recommendation for expulsion.

In addition to approving the minutes and reviewing the financial statement, the board approved the transfers of Sarah Rickman, 15, and Justin Rickman, 12, to Manila School District.

The board discussed the upcoming in-service training.

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