Leachville Council agrees to sell to rural water

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Town Crier News Staff

Leachville aldermen resolved rural water provisions issues and voted to upgrade their two police cars, during the regular meeting held on Monday, Nov. 12.

The council discussed the request from the Buffalo Island Rural Water District for Leachville to provide three million gallons of water per month.

"They are looking to get their own water plant," Mayor Sheila Spurlock said. "We have provided them 108 million gallons in two years.

"We would be foolish not to sell them water," said alderman Teresa Johnson.

After a brief discussion the council agreed to sell the water to rural water, when they have it to sell.

Two new compound water meters will be purchased for gauging actual rural water usage.

A decision was made to take $15,000 out of the water revenue account and put it in the general fund for use on payment of taxes.

Police officer Steve Lancaster gave the monthly police report in the absence of Chief Bryan Crites, who retired last month.

The council voted to pay a $25 a month stipend to full-time police officers that use their personal cell phones for police business. This will begin in December 2007.

"We received another $2,000 award in October and hope to use the money to purchase lights on the Dodge Charger vehicle," Lancaster said. "The cost is estimated at about $1,100 each, plus the installation of a switchbox at $150 to $190."

"I think we need one for each of the cars," said alderman John Stone. "You might look at purchasing a used light bar or one from state surplus and possibly get one for the other car also."

The council voted for Lancaster to purchase one new light bar and a used one for the second car.

Harold Posey expressed his thanks for the police department for their quick response during a tragic incident last week, involving a kid and a gun, at his home.

"Officers Lassiter and Treadway were quick to respond and handled everything very professionally," Posey said. "I have been around law enforcement all of my life and have seen it at its best and worst. It is my distinct pleasure to witness the best I have ever seen. Lancaster got down to business and didn't come in like a roaring bull. You need not look any further than Steve Lancaster for a new police chief."

"This certainly makes us feel good," Mayor Spurlock said.

Alderman Teresa Johnson reported one call received by the fire department and seven calls to First Responders, during October. The department is hosting Toys for Tots Christmas event on Nov. 17, from noon until 4 p.m. Children in attendance will be given a photo of them on the 1927 antique fire truck. For more information persons may contact the Leachville Fire Department.

Mayor Spurlock reviewed the 2008 proposed budget. A working meeting was called for Monday, Nov. 19, at 6 p.m. to discuss the 2008 budget and to consider a revision of the 2007 budget, after discussing this year's employee Christmas bonus amounts.

The Leachville Christmas Parade is set for Dec. 7. Santa will be at the Melody Theatre following the parade. Prizes and awards will be given out. The council voted to spend $250 for trophies and awards.

Mayor Spurlock reported the city municipal building had no ground wires on electrical outlets. Jesse Johnson has agreed to do the electrical work and is willing to give the city an estimate. No action was taken until the council had time to evaluate the cost.

Mike Burrier reported that a sewer back up three weeks ago had damaged his bathroom flooring and sub-flooring, and asked the city to pay for the damages. Damages were estimated at $200.

"We need to get both sides of this story before we do anything," Mayor Spurlock said. "We need to check to see if the pumps were operational."

"A city worker told me that the sewage was backed up all over the street by my house that day," Burrier said.

Spurlock agreed to check on the incident and get back with the council.

"We have not had a policy in the past for replacing floors," she said. "We will check and see if others had problems at that same time. It would not be just one house."

The next regular council meeting will be 7 p.m. Dec. 10 at Leachville city hall.

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