Monette Manor veterans honored

Thursday, November 15, 2007
Resident veterans at Monette Manor honored are, from left: J.R. Marret, Graham Coburn, Earl Bunnell, Jerald Sizemore, Ronald Crawford. Not pictured is Henry Zarnes. Back -- guest speakers Eddie Dunigan and Jerry Reed. (Town Crier photo/Revis Blaylock)

Town Crier News Staff

Resident veterans at Monette Manor were honored on Friday morning with a special ceremony in conjunction with Veteran's Day.

Veterans honored were World War II veterans and Korean War veterans, J.R. Marret, Ronald Crawford, Jerald Sizemore, Earl Bunnell, Henry Zarnes, and Graham Coburn.

Rev. Jerry Reed, veteran and Monette Manor volunteer, presented the American Flag, led the group in the Pledge of Allegiance, and expressed his appreciation to all of the veterans who served their country.

"We are free because of you," Reed said. "Words cannot express how much we appreciate the sacrifices you have made. We are blessed to have you and I salute you."

Guest speaker for the ceremony was Eddie Dunigan of Black Oak.

"Thank you for the opportunity to be here to honor our veterans," Dunigan said. "Both my grandfathers were World War I veterans. Unfortunately, World War I was not the war to end all wars. During World War II my father spent three years in India, four of my mother's brothers were in the Navy in World War II. My mother worked in St. Louis building bombs during that time. We are losing World War II veterans at a rate of 1,000 a day. We need to hear their stories. We had men and women serve in the Korean War. Then the shame of our lives, Vietnam came. It was an unpopular war. Returning men and women did not get the parades they deserved. I, and the other silent majority, did not speak up. In our hearts we loved you. Today, men and women are called to harms way again. If they do not stop them on their shores, 9-11 is just the beginning. Junior Mask was a few grades ahead of me in school. He enlisted in the Army and went to Vietnam. I went to Arkansas State University. I came home every day in a VW Beetle, he came home in a pine box draped with a flag. I will never be able to repay Junior or any of the others who served. The words can't scratch the surface of what we owe you."

Dunigan presented each veteran with a plaque.

Residents Bernice Southern and Linda Bailey sang "God Bless America."

Refreshments were served in the afternoon in honor of the veterans.

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