Sgt. Lester receives special gift

Wednesday, October 31, 2007
Sgt. Glen Lester received (left) receives a special gift of a special edition Berretta pistol presented to him by his brother, Bill Lester. (photo provided)

A special gift on a special occasion was presented to Sgt. Glen Lester of Manila. Sgt. Lester recently returned from Iraq with the 875th National Guard. He was presented a special Edition .40 Caliber Berretta pistol made between Sept. 11, 2001 and Jan. 2002, by Bill Lester, oldest of the six brothers. The men are the sons of the late Lloyd and Audrey Lester.

The presentation was made at John Lester's home on Oct. 13 at a fish fry celebrating Sgt. Lester's safe return. His other brothers, Danny and Robert, and their families were also present. The family remembered Lloyd Lester, Jr., who died on their deceased mother's birthday, Dec. 24, 2004. Lloyd, Jr., served honorably in the Vietnam War in 1967-68.

Everyone enjoyed a time of visiting with family and a good meal.

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