Riverside School Board plans public meetings

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Town Crier News Staff

The Riverside School Board met on Monday, Aug. 6, in Lake City and accepted one teacher resignation, hired three employees and approved five student transfers.

The board went into a lengthy executive session to discuss hiring personnel.

After reconvening the board accepted the resignation of Kathy Baldridge, who has accepted a teaching position at Buffalo Island Central junior high. Michele Freeman was hired to fill the business teacher position. Employee Pat Pointe, hired last month, will work as half time aide and half time nurse, with her salary reflecting the changes. Carolyn Caldwell was hired to teach junior high physical education. Lacy Poe will assume the duties of registered nurse supervisor, on a $25 per hour basis, as needed.

Student transfers were approved for Angel Cash, Ethan Cash, and Jaxx Cass to Jonesboro Public Schools. Two transfers from BIC for Jazalyn Davis and Kirby Knuckles were approved, while a third request for Randy Wimberly, 15, from BIC to Riverside was denied.

Changes in the student handbooks were reviewed. High school and junior high credits will be listed as 23 in the new printing of the handbook. Two segments will be added to the bullying policy to cover cyber-bullying and inappropriate dress.

Changes in the elementary handbook will include the addition of cyber-bullying, correction of the promotion policy typo to add K-3.

Bids were opened for the school milk provider and Turner-Davis was selected as the vendor.

Bids were opened for the school bread provider with Interstate Brands Inc. chosen.

The Kwik Shop was chosen as the East Campus gasoline provider, listing pricing at five cents above cost. No decision was made on the West Campus provider.

Superintendent Tommy Knight invited board members to attend the faculty and stall luncheon on Thursday, Aug. 16, at 11:30 a.m.

The board reviewed bids on construction of a new storage building. After a short discussion the board voted to table the decision until the September meeting.

Superintendent Knight handed out copies of a promotional flyer to be distributed encouraging patrons to vote for the districts proposed 9-mill tax increase. The board voted 3-2 during the July 9 board meeting to seek a 9 mil increase for the district to construct a new junior and senior high school on the Lake City campus, with one mill dedicated to future construction of an elementary school at Caraway.

Public meetings will be held in Lake City and Caraway to discuss facts about the tax increase proposal. A meeting will be held in Lake City on Tuesday, Aug. 28, and in Caraway on Aug. 30.

"We don't want to get in a shouting match at these meetings," Board member Mike Brown said.

"We plan to limit the time to speak," Knight said.

"We want to put the facts out there so the voters will understand why this needs to be done," Knight said. "I have talked with both mayors about ways we can present this, and how little it will raise our taxes."

"The Lake City Mayor has agreed to put the information in the city water bill," Board member Lynn B. Nall said.

The September meeting will be held on the second Monday night, the 10th, as the regular meeting date falls on the Labor Day weekend.

Board member Kenny Weathers requested that the metal roof on the Caraway campus auditorium be painted.

The July 9 board minutes reflected the hiring of Jane Baker as East Elementary secretary, Pat McCormick as East Elementary aide, Chad Jordan as Federal Programs coordinator, and Shannon Farley as East Elementary teacher.

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