Rev. Jerry Reed returns home

Wednesday, August 8, 2007
Rev. Jerry Reed

Town Crier News Staff

Jerry Reed, new minister at the Monette and Lake City United Methodist Churches, was not a stranger to most of the members at both congregations. Reed became pastor of Monette and Lake City churches the first of July.

He served part time in the ministry from 1995 to 2000 before becoming a full time pastor.

He served at Warrens Chapel located near Walcott and ShugTown United Methodist Churches from 2000 until October 2002. He served Sedgwick and Pleasant Hill United Methodist Churches from Nov. 2002 until the end of June.

"It is unusual to get assigned to your home church but we are very glad to be serving here," Reed said.

Reed and his wife, Margarete, have two grown daughters, five grandchildren, one great-grandson and one more on the way.

Reed moved his family back to his hometown of Monette in 1964 after serving 10 years in the Air Force. He retired from the telephone company in 1993.

"I had gone to church but I did not accept Jesus and become a Christian until 1992," Reed said. "I was 55 years old when I accepted Jesus and 59 years old when I was called to the ministry. He saved me to go to work and look where he has led me. I preach to everyone in the church. I learned from my own experience people attending church can be lost."

Reed was well acquainted with the members at Monette and filled in at the Lake City Methodist Church during his part-time ministry when he got to know the members.

Reed said it is good to be home and he is looking forward to serving as pastor.

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