Manila athletes honored with banquet

Friday, May 25, 2007

Town Crier News Staff

Manila junior and senior high athletes were honored with a banquet and awards ceremony on Tuesday evening, May 15, at the Manila Community Center.

Junior Wise, president of the booster club, welcomed athletes and guests to the sport's banquet.

"We are proud of our young people," Wise said.

The 2007 graduating athletes include Rocio Bedola, Adam Bloom, Ryan Day, Lamonti Everett, Patrick Green, Ray Green, Brandon Harwood, Dustin Hobeck, Katie Master, Austin Metheny, Kaitlin Minton, James Richmond, Gary Tyler, Hunter Veach, Katie Veach, Justin Webb, Zac Williams, and Devin Wright.

Pam Castor, superintendent, presented the junior and senior high 3.0 Club for the 2006-07 school year.

"It takes a lot of time to participate in sports activities and to maintain grades," Castor said. "I am proud to present the 3.0 Club."

Members of the 3.0 Club were presented certificates. There are:

Seventh grade -- Enedia Aguilar, Garrett Baker, Dillon Burrow, Damon Clapp, Zack Day, Ryan Halford, Brittany Howard, Mackenzie Isebell, Nick Lesley, Blake Miller, Tucker Miller, Brianna Stone, Katie Watkins, Jennifer Wilbanks.

Eighth grade -- Brittany Bennett, Holly Braden, Madison Brodie, Nick Bryan, Taylor Craig, Brittany Craine, Jeremy Goff, Lindsey Green, Bailee Griffin, Kalyn Harris, Danielle Hicks, Nate Morris, Brent Ray, Tracey Reinhart, D.J. Richmond, Jordan Robertson, Garrett Scott, Caitlyn Scott, Lee Sparks, Shonda Sparks, Ashley Storey, Derek Stutts, Alyssa Tate, Jordan Towell, Levi Wallace, Brooke Warren.

Ninth grade -- Tim Augustine, Stetson Ausbrooks, Dylan Barnhart, Alfredo Bedolla, Koal Benson, Jared Burks, Spencer Cain, Kelsey Crews, Tim Decker, Katie Donner, Andrew Fleeman, Jared Hembrey, Brooke Hill, Lance Kilbreath, Kevin Mays, Andrew Nelms, Natalie Noble, Meagan Presson, Michael Schrader, Kathryn Simpson, Blake Wheeler, Erica White, Matt White, Kimberly Wise, Leigha Woody.

10th grade -- Nathan Bell, Jacob Britt, Lyndsey Ellis, Kyle Evans, Cody Hamilton, Colleen Kemp, Stephanie McGurie, Kylle Scott, Michael Shedd, Dustin Terry, Rebekah White, Meg Wilhite.

11th grade -- Amy Browning, Heather Dozhier, Jessica Fleeman, Blaine Lawrence, Trey McCormick, Chad Nunnally, Michael Stone, Logan Towels, Drew Warren.

12th grade -- Rocio Bedolla, Adam Bloom, Ryan Day, Patrick Green, Ray Green, Katie Master, Austin Metheny, Kaitlin Minton, Hunter Veach, Katie Veach, Zac Williams, Devin Wright.


Eva Towles, cheer coach, presented the junior and senior high basketball cheerleaders.

"They had an outstanding year," Towles said. "The junior high won first in regional and second in state and received ACC Overall State champions."

The senior high won regional championship.

Each cheerleader was presented with an award.

Junior high cheerleaders -- Kathryn Simpson, Holly Braden, Madison Brodie, Amy Freeman, Bailee Griffin, Kalyn Harris, Danielle Hicks, Caitlyn Scott, Amber Smith, Alyssa Tate, Brooke Warren, Savannah Towell.

Senior high cheerleaders -- Katie Master, Kaitlin Minton, Kelsey Cherry, Jessica Fleeman, Logan Towles, Lyndsey Ellis, Stephanie McGuire, Kylle Scott, Meg Wilhite, Brooke Hill, Natalie Noble, Erica White and Ryan Day (mascot).

Junior High football cheerleaders, coached by Holli Shelton, - Kathryn Simpson, Holly Braden, Caitlyn Scott, Amber Smith, Shonda Sparks, Ashley Storey, and Alyssa Tate.


Golf coach John Deaton recognized the MHS golf team.

"The golf team tied for third place in the district and lost in the play-off," Deaton said. "We did have team members who qualified individually for Regional. They are Trey McCormick, Chad Nunnally, Drew Warren and Michael Shedd. Michael won first in Regional qualifying for state competition."

Members of the golf team are James Richmond, Michael Shedd, Aaron Wallace, Blaine Lawrence, Trey McCormick, Chad Nunnally, Drew Warren, and Andrew Nelms.

Michael Shedd received the "Best Scoring Average."


Football coach Toby Doke highlighted the first year of football expressing his excitement for the future.

"I was excited about football when I came here and I am still excited," Coach Doke said. "I hope Manila football far exceeds Coach Doke."

He expressed his appreciation to Coach Jeral Hudspeth for his support and assistant coaches Bill Beall and Steven Milligan.

"I appreciate everyone who helped us," he said. "The ninth grade finished the first year with a 2-7 record and the seventh and eighth grade finished with a 4-1. We are looking forward to a full season next year with half of the games being played at home."

Members of the football team were recognized.

Ninth grade -- Chris Adamson, Stetson Ausbrooks, Dylan Barnhart, Alfredo Bedolla, Koal Benson, Zach Birmingham, Hunter Brown, Jared Burks, Drew Byford, Spencer Cain, Kelsey Crews, Tim Decker, Kenneth Ellis, Zach Ellis, Andrew Fleeman, Steven Green, Jared Hembrey, Dylan Hill, Lance Kilbreath, Kevin Mays, Josh Miles, Briar Moore, Eric Parsley, David Pasley, Michael Schrader, Stan Stankiewicz, Seth Towles, Cody Webb, Blake Wheeler, Matt White.

Eighth grade -- Cody Adamson, Mack Benson, Nick Bryan, John Byford, Jeremy Goff, Shaun McCallie, Nate Morris, Blake Nimeth, Tracey Reinhart, D.J. Richmond, Garrett Scott, Landon Spain, Lee Sparks, Derek Stutts, Jordon Towell, Alan Vancely, Austin Wagner, Levi Wallace, Cody Wilson.

Seventh grade -- Dillon Burrow, Damon Clapp, Dexter Green, Eathon Johnson, Nick Lesley, Blake Miller, Tucker Miller, P.J. Ramierz, Spencer Stankiewicz.

Individual awards

Offensive Back -- Blake Wheeler.

Offensive Lineman -- Andrew Fleeman.

T.D. Maker -- Dillon Hill.

Headhunter -- Chris Adamson.

Defensive Lineman -- Tim Decker.

Hustle -- Chris Adamson.

Special Teams -- Steven Green.

Bill Beall Lionheart Award -- Lance Kilbreath.


Coach Doke and Junior Wise presented the softball team.

"Our team has as much talent as any team in our conference," Doke said.

The team has one senior, Katie Veach. Juniors are Kelsey Cherry, Michele Daniel, and Heather Dozhier; tenth graders are Colleen Kemp and Chantel Hames. Ninth grade players include Jonna Dodd, Katie Donner, Brooke Hill, Kristen Painter, Kimberly Wise and Leigha Woody. Manager is Amy Browning.

All Conference players are Brooke Hill, Heather Dozhier, Katie Veach, Jonna Dodd, Katie Donner and Kimberly Wise. Kimberly also received All State Award.

Golden Glove -- Katie Donner.

Most RBIs -- Jonna Dodd.

Stolen Bases -- Katie Donner.

Batting Average -- Brooke Hill.

Pitching Average -- Kimberly Wise.

MVP - Kimberly Wise.

Hustle -- Katie Veach.


The baseball team was coached by Steven Milligan with assistants Don Nunnally and Craig Wheeler.

Coach Milligan expressed his appreciation to all of the volunteers who helped throughout the year. The team finished 15-15 and were District runner-up.

Members of the team are: 12th grade -- Ray Green, Brandon Harwood, Justin Webb, Zac Williams.

11th grade -- Cody Eichorn, Jace Elkins, Ross Malloy, Trey McCormick, Chad Nunnally, Michael Stone, Drew Warren.

10th grade -- Jacob Britt, Frankie Cowgill, Luis Cruiz, Cody Edgin, Kyle Evans, Cody Hamilton, Luke McLaughlin, Michael Shedd, Trey Wells.

Ninth grade -- Zach Birmingham, Jared Hembrey, Tray Malone, Blake Wheeler.

All conference players were Chad Nunnally, Frankie Cowgill, Kyle Evans, Ross Malloy, and Jace Elkins. Ross Malloy also was named All Region.

Silver slugger -- Kyle Evans.

Golden Glove -- Jace Elkins.

E.R.A. -- Chad Nunnally.

Mr. Hustle and Most Improved -- Trey McCormick.

MVP -- Luke McLaughlin.

Rookie of the Year -- Blake Wheeler and Zack Birmingham.

Most Wins -- Chad Nunnally.

Girls' Basketball

Coach Milligan presented the junior high basketball teams and awards.

Seventh grade team -- Enedia Aguilar, Samantha Galloway, Brittany Howard, Mackenzie Isebell, Brianna Stone, Katie Watkins, Jennifer Wilbanks.

Junior high team:

Ninth grade -- Jonna Dodd, Katie Donner, Savanah Jones, Kristen Painter, Maegan Presson.

Eighth grade -- Taylor Craig, Brittany Craine, Mark Beth Ek, Lindsey Green, Brittany Bennett, Jordan Robertson.

Rebound -- Jonna Dodd.

Most Steals -- Kristen Painter.

Most Assists -- Katie Donner.

Free throw -- Savannah Jones.

Field Goal percentage -- Meagan Presson.

3 point percentage -- Katie Donner.

Most Points -- Savanah Jones.

Defense -- Katie Donner.

Hustle -- Lindsey Green.

Most Improved - Jordan Robertson.

The senior high team has two seniors, Rocio Bedolla and Katie Veach; two juniors, Michele Daniel and Heather Dozhier; three 10th graders, Colleen Kemp, Kelce Misner, Rebekah White; and one ninth grader Kimberly Wise.

Three players made All Conference -- Katie Veach, Kimberly Wise and Michele Daniel.

Rebound -- Katie Veach.

Most Steals -- Michele Daniel.

Most Assists -- Colleen Kemp.

Free Throw -- Kimberly Wise.

Field goal percentage -- Rebekah White.

3 point percentage -- Kimberly Wise.

Most Points -- Kimberly Wise.

Defense -- Michele Daniel.

Hustle -- Rocio Bedollo.

Most Improved -- Kelce Misner.

MVP -- Katie Veach.

Lady Lion -- Katie Veach.

Boys' Basketball

Coach Hudspeth recognized the seventh grade boys' basketball team. They are Garrett Baker, Dillon Burrow, Zach Clark, Dakota Day, Zack Day, Ryan Halford, Troy McElreath, Blake Miller, Jordan Moore and Shane Lee.

Coach Deaton presented the junior high team.

Ninth grade members are Tim Augustine, Stetson Ausbrooks, Zach Birmingham, Hunter Brown, Jared Burks, Spencer Cain, Jared Hembrey, Dylan Hill, Tray Malone, Seth Towels, Cody Webb, Blake Wheeler.

Eighth grade members are Jeremy Goff, Brent Ray, Tracey Reinhart, Garrett Scott and Jordon Towell.

"We had a good year," Coach Deaton said. "We had a 20-12 for the year and 11-5 in the conference. Six of the games we lost were by five points or less."

Best offense -- Blake Wheeler.

Best Defense -- Zack Birmingham.

Rebound Award -- Cody Webb and Zack Birmingham.

Free Throw percentage -- Blake Wheeler (83 percent).

Hustle Award -- Jared Burkes.

Charge Award -- Zack Birmingham.

Most Improved -- Trey Malone.

Assist Award -- Blake Wheeler.

Senior High boys basketball

Coach Hudspeth presented the high school basketball team. They are: 12th grade -- Adam Bloom, Lamonti Everett, Dustin Hobeck, Austin Metheny, Gary Tyler, Hunter Veach, Devin Wright, and Manager Patrick Green. 11th grade -- Jace Elkins, Ross Malloy, Trey McCormick. 10th grade -- Nathan Bell, Frankie Cowgill, Kyle Evans, Luke McLaughlin, Johnathan Rose, Dustin Terry.

All Conference players were Trey McCormick and Hunter Veach. Austin Metheny received an all conference honorable mention.

Coach Hudspeth presented the Manager of the Year Award to Patrick Green.

Best Offense -- Hunter Veach.

Best Defense -- Austin Metheny.

Rebound Award -- Devin Wright.

Free Throw percentage -- Trey McCormick.

Lion Award -- Lamonte Everett.

Hustle Award -- Dustin Hobeck.

Charge Award -- Austin Metheny.

Most Improved Award -- Ross Malloy.

Assist Award -- Trey McCormick.

Receiving the sportsmanship awards in senior high were Katie Veach and Austin Metheny. Junior high sportsmanship awards went to Meagan Presson and Jared Burks.

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