Comments upset former Lake City mayor and city clerk

Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Town Crier News Staff

Lake City councilmen held a short business session Feb. 19 but incurred confrontational inquiries from former Mayor Jerry Bowman and City Clerk Diane Crews.

Bowman and Crews had asked to be put on the council agenda after reading a comment made by current Mayor Billy Anderson, in the February issue of the Town Crier.

"What did you mean by saying you would not have so much trouble with the new 2007 budget if the former administration had done its job?" Bowman asked.

"This is not just about you and not just about the council," Anderson said. "I can appreciate it more now than before. I am sorry if it offended you."

"You also talked to Diane's brother-in-law about her," Bowman said.

"We have already addressed that," Anderson said, "but go ahead and get this off your chest."

"What was in a mess?" Bowman asked.

"You did not do an appropriate budget," Anderson replied. "You showed $8,000 on the proposed budget when it should have been $18,000, plus other things. I can show you your proposed budget and our current one."

"But you all have added a new police car and work on the streets," Bowman said.

"I would be glad to help any new mayor coming in, but the clerk or I did not receive help," Anderson said. "Monette had a smooth transition when they got a new Mayor."

"We were not asked," Bowman said. "Besides, Diane lost the election to Sue Gurley, and it would have been difficult for her to come up here."

"The proposed budgets are never correct," Crews said. "Turnback money is hard to budget, as are other things. You never chose to come up and work with me. It wasn't my job to do your budget. The $8,000 was a typo. What do I have to do to get the slandering of me stopped? I want it stopped now."

"Your name will never be mentioned again," Anderson said.

"We are going to be watching things," Bowman said. "I've worked with Diane for 16 years, and now you are going to come in here and tell us we have goofed up. I want to see the records for myself."

"Everything should have been appropriated, except the police cars and raises, and it was not,"Anderson said. "You can come up here any time, and I will be glad to show you the records. We have put together a good 2007 budget."

"Did you think Diane would teach this clerk how to do her job, after she had been beat in the election?" Bowman asked.

"We have to move on, and get about the city's business," Anderson said.

Vickie Blagg requested to be on the city's agenda but did not come to the meeting.

Mayor Anderson requested anyone wishing to be on the council agenda to contact city hall by noon on Friday before the scheduled Monday council meeting.

"In the future, any outburst or sarcastic remarks from the floor will result in the person being removed from the room," Anderson said.

Other business included:

* Council members passed Ordinance 2119 to support the Bono/Lake Project.

* Lake City will hold a city-wide clean up on April 1.

* Mayor Anderson announced the museum project is 75 percent completed, and work is being done on the splash pad, and park concession stand and bathroom. Ball fields are being prepared so that the girls' teams can start practice. Sod will be placed on #1 and #2 fields when the season is over.

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