Toby Rand hired as new Lake City PD officer

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Town Crier News Staff

The Lake City City Council met in special session Tuesday evening, Jan. 9, to reinstate heads of departments and city officials.

This was the first meeting of the new Lake City council, which consists of Mayor Billy Anderson, Recorder Sue Gurley, and councilmen Debbie Davis, Harold Baker, Kenneth Winford and John Milligan. Returning councilmen are Tommy Eakins and Mark Mann.

Winfred Saffell was reinstated as Police Chief, Norman Edison was reinstated as Fire Chief, and Arlon Woodruff was reinstated as City Attorney.

After a brief executive session to discuss employment, the council emerged to hire Toby Rand as policeman at an annual salary of $26,500. Rand is slated to be on the job in two weeks.

Rolland Brandon was hired as the city's electrical inspector. He is a journeyman electrician working for Robertson Construction Company in Paragould. His salary was set at $740 a year, and he will be on call for inspections.

Norman Edison was hired for plumbing inspector, at $130 a month for both inspections. He is licensed for both heating and air conditioning.

City Recorder Sue Gurley recommended the city purchase a new computer program called "Perception," which would allow Lake City to be in line with their Water Department system as well as other area towns. The cost was estimated at $3,600.

The council voted unanimously to purchase the computer software. Installation is due to be complete within a month.

"Sue (Gurley) and I are the only ones who can sign checks now," Mayor Anderson said. "I would like to add Connie Timms as a third signature, in case of emergency, just as a precaution."

The council unanimously approved the addition of the third signature.

Mayor Anderson handed out copies of the 2007 budget and asked council members to take them home, study them, and let him know about potential changes.

"We are all in this boat together," Anderson said. "We need to do what is good for the town, not just me personally."

The next regular scheduled council meeting will be on Monday evening, Jan. 15, at 6:30 p.m.

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