Caraway councilmen take no action on bridge completion

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Town Crier News Staff

Caraway councilmen met in short session Thursday evening, Dec. 14, and heard a report on needs for completion of the Missouri Street bridge project.

The council reviewed past expenses on the bridge project, as noted in the December financial report. Alderman John Boatman inquired as to why the cost was divided into two departments rather than the street fund.

"There was money left in two departments so we just divided the expenses," South said. "Five thousand dollars had been set aside by the council for the bridge. The Street Department had $3,378.91."

"The bridge is holding water on the east side of the foundation and it should not be doing that," Alderman Bo James said. "It needs to be fixed badly. The estimated cost is $3,500 to fix it, by laying 20 or 30 feet of asphalt on the sides where the problem exists."

"I would like to see us fix other damages to streets before we fix the bridge," said Alderman Kenny Weathers. "It wouldn't be fair to do the bridge first when so many people have waited for repairs all over town, for so long."

The council discussed using chip seal instead of asphalt at the bridge site.

"We can't do a chip seal on this first, as we have to start out with asphalt," James said.

"The bridge needs to be fixed or we could risk undoing the work that has already been done," said Alderman Brent Powell.

"We are worried abut freezing and thawing," said Mayor South. "I recommend that we spend the $3,500 to black top around the bridge to take care of the problem."

There was no motion to that effect.

"We haven't done anything about the other problems and now you want us to put the bridge work ahead of them," Weathers said.

"If a guy comes in here to do the bridge, then we can get an estimate on the other spots," James said. "I was told to get an estimate on the bridge."

"I suggest we get an estimate on other spots also," said Alderman Marvin Browning.

"Mayor, if we don't fix the other spots, then the council will be getting calls saying it is not fair," said Weathers.

"The road in front of Danny's (Dunigan) house can wait, or be sealed over, not using asphalt," James said. "The bridge doesn't need to wait."

The aldermen took no action on the bridge repair proposal.

In other council business:

*The council voted to change the January council meeting from the second Thursday to the third Thursday, Jan. 18, so officials could attend the Municipal League meeting in Little Rock.

*Mayor South announced the selection of Bo James as the new Caraway fire chief, with his term beginning in November 2006 through 2007. The council approved the appointment.

*Alderman Bo James read an article from the newspaper about free fish to be given away due to overstocking, with an interest in stocking the city fishing pond.

"I inquired and found out you have to buy so much fish in order to get the free fish," South said.

No action was taken on the offer.

*The council voted to purchase a new laptop computer for city clerk Lisa Taylor so she would be able to use it for city business, while being away during the illness of her daughter Caroline, who is being treated for cancer.

"We rigged her up a computer but it is not what she needs," Alderman Mike Vaughn said.

"I just need a basic one, so hopefully it will not be very expensive," Taylor said. "I really appreciate your concern and help during this difficult time."

Alderman Boatman inquired about the reimbursement due the city from the use of a special purpose truck.

"We received $13,005 from the county, with the total cost being $14,200," South said.

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