Monette Council OKs Dodge Charger

Thursday, December 7, 2006

Town Crier News Staff

Monette City Councilmen finalized plans to purchase a new police car during the regular council meeting Nov. 27.

Chief of Police Brian Carmichael requested the city purchase another police car during the October meeting. He presented three different packets for consideration, which included Dodge, Ford and Chevrolet packages.

"The Dodge Charger is smaller than the Ford Crown Vic, and bigger than the Chevrolet Impala," Carmichael said. "It has rear wheel drive."

Carmichael recommended the Dodge package. After careful discussion the council accepted Carmichael's recommendation, and voted unanimously to purchase the Dodge police car.

"Last year we placed our order in December," Mayor David Fletcher said. "It usually takes about four months for delivery, which means we could expect delivery in March if we order now. We have $23,500 already budgeted, and this one comes in less."

"The new car is listed at $22,400, and it will take about $485 to add the details from a stripe kit," said Carmichael.

Mayor Fletcher thanked Chub Qualls for donating the large 25 foot cedar tree he placed at the northeast corner of the downtown intersection. The city has also placed four holly trees along the northeast brick wall. Plans are to place two more improved Cleveland pear trees nearby. Even though the city did not receive the grant to completely fund the intersection project, they are using City Beautification funds to place several trees, in order to take advantage of the winter planting season.

"Money left from purchase of trees, I would like to see shade of some sort put on the west lot," Alderman Joyce Read said. "If we put benches out, we will need some shade nearby."

"Joyce, you need to meet with Chub Qualls and find a suitable place for it," Fletcher said. "This may encourage others to donate. The current layout has changed, but Chub is talking with a man to draw out new plans."

Guest Raye Finley said the Childress High School Alumni Committee has talked about making some donations.

Mayor Fletcher also encouraged her to check with incoming Mayor Chub Qualls, to make some plans.

The council discussed improvements on the water flow on the drainage ditch going south.

"The original plan to drain water south out of town fell through possibly due to a change in management," Fletcher said, "but we have worked at cleaning out some ditches."

The city council members expressed interest in getting the right of way to work on the property south of Buffalo Island Central High School. More space near the end row would help make more space available for a proposed project, allowing a street to the ball fields, and drainage for the school.

"Jerry Halsey is helping us on this project," Mayor Fletcher said. "We are going to need some surveys and easements."

The City and Beautification Committee has finalized the Christmas decorations throughout town.

One complaint was received this month concerning property belonging to Larry and Kaye Wallace, south of town. Mayor Fletcher agreed to send notice requesting compliance with the city ordinance regarding cleanup.

Alderman Ernestine Harrell reported the Monette Youth Association listed $850 in their sign project account and $7,559.40 in their general account.

"There is a payment due for their maintenance for October and it has not been received yet," Harrell said. "I called Billy Watson (MYA president) and have not received the payment yet. We also need their end-of-year report."

"I'll talk to Billy or send a letter," Mayor Fletcher said.

Mayor Fletcher reviewed the 2007 proposed budget and asked the council to wait until the December 2006 or January 2007 meeting before making a decision, in order to give Qualls time to look it over.

The annual city employee Christmas party and business meeting will be held on Dec. 19 at city hall.

Mayor Fletcher explained the city had not had an audit in three years, but should be due one during the next legislative audit in 2007. "All of the documentation, equipment report, and asset list is in place," he said. "We are fortunate to have the city oversight committee helping out."

A report to check on the fire hydrant on Stewart and Honnis was reported, and an agreement was made to check on it before bad weather arrives.

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