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Thursday, November 16, 2006
Jordon Towell proudly displays his trophy. (photo provided)

Meet Jordon Towell, son of Larry D. and Rita Towell, of Manila. He is also the grandson of Larry E. and Frankie Towell and Shirley Davison and late Lemoin Davison of Manila.

Jordon takes outdoor sports to the extreme. Not only does he play baseball, football and basketball, at the young age of 13 he is already a very accomplished hunter. Jordon also enjoys fishing and going to Greers Ferry Lake. His favorite place away from home is Heber Springs, and rightfully so. Heber sits right in the middle of some of the best hunting and fishing Arkansas has to offer.

Jordon keeps his parents busy with a full schedule, and they would have it no other way. They are a tight knit family and frequent their lake house at Heber Springs and a recreational farm they have near Ash Flat. Jordon helped his father build a hunting cabin on the farm this summer so that they wouldn't have to rough it during hunting season. He also spent time scouting for deer and filling feeders with anticipation of the upcoming season.

He went into this season a veteran of sorts, not many eighth graders can say they have already bagged four deer. Jordon killed his first deer at age 11 while hunting with his father Thanksgiving Day of 2004 at their family property near Heber Springs. He harvested this deer using a lever action Marlin. "It was getting close to dark and I was having a hard time finding him in my scope, when I did I just pulled the trigger," Jordon said.

He harvested his second deer in 2005 at their property near Ash Flat. This deer was taken with a crossbow hunting out of a box stand. Jordon hunts with a Horton Yukon SL with a red dot scope. He shoots custom arrows that his dad built, tipped with Splitfire Pro Series broadheads.

When talking about this hunt Jordon said, "I thought it saw us, I didn't know if I hit it or not." His dad interjected with, "I knew it was a good hit, I had painted the first 10 inches of his arrows white so I could see them easier, I knew it was a good hit." Jordon learned how to track a deer on this hunt, following the trail some 70 yards to his trophy.

The deer were in trouble this season. Jordon already had two deer under his belt going into the year and was looking to bag the coveted triple trophy. There are many men out there trying to accomplish this feat, and Jordon is already two thirds of the way there.

The second weekend of bow season Jordon was sitting in his box stand. It was still early in the morning when his dad heard the deer coming up behind them. "It walked right by my stand about 15 yards away," Jordan explained. He showed maturity beyond his years as he patiently waited for the deer to offer a good shot. "I thought he was going to smell us, the deer walked in down wind of us."

Jordon's patience paid off as he was able to make the perfect shot to down the six point buck. "I was so excited I just started shaking," Jordon said. Any hunter will tell you that your adrenaline goes through the roof after such an encounter.

My story doesn't end here. Before the youth hunt this past weekend, as they were leaving for the farm, his mother asked him if he was going to kill the big 10 point they have been after. Jordon told her that he wasn't going to shoot the 10 point, he as going after the eight point they had seen on the scouting cameras. That is exactly what he did.

He and his dad got off to a late start that Saturday morning and had to "still hunt" into the area they were hunting. They got set up in a tree top that was lying near a thicket they wanted to hunt. His dad was explaining to him where he had been seeing the deer and which trail they were using.

Right in the middle of his explanation Jordon whispered, "There's a buck - he's right there," nodding toward the mature buck. "Well, shoot it," his dad said as he looked in the direction Jordon was looking. "I just eased my gun up and shot him," Jordon said.

With that shot Jordon had downed his largest buck to date; a mature eight point buck. Jordon retells the story with the coolness of a rock star. I am sure if anyone can get that triple trophy Jordon can do it.

I am so pleased to know parents like Larry and Rita. The hard work and dedication it takes to raise children and make these types of memories is truly commendable. My hat is off to all parents who take the time to make their kids "Outdoor Kids".

If you have a child you would like to see featured in "Outdoor Kids" email Larry L. Towell at larrytowell@hotmail.com or call 351.5437 to schedule an interview.

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