Tompkins' Evac Angels poem published

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Wesley Tompkins, son of Tysha Starnes of Caraway and Nathan Tompkins of Jonesboro had his poem "Air Evac Angels" selected from thousands of entries as one of the top 10 in his grade division. He wrote the poem last year as a fifth grade English assignment. Wesley is currently a sixth grade student at Riverside East in Caraway. The contest was held for all students in grades K-12 through the Creative Communication, Inc. Wesley received special recognition in the poetry anthology "A Celebration of Young Poets." Each top 10 winner received a complimentary copy of the anthology and a $50 savings bond. Poems are selected for their literary merit, creativity, and social significance.

His poem was featured in the winter 2006 edition of "Celebration of Young Poets" book.

Wesley's poem had a special meaning to him as his mother is a nurse on the Air-Evac Lifeteam and he is very familiar with the work they do.

Air Evac Angels

Driving down the road one day,

I spot something old and gray.

I blow my horn and swerve away,

I wound up in a ditch that day.

As I try to open my eyes,

Red and blue flickers fill the skies.

The distant sound of a siren's wail,

"Get us help quick!" I hear someone yell.

A thumping noise, could it be my heart?

It's growing louder out in the dark.

As my time left on earth begins to fly,

I see my life flashing before my eyes.

As the world around me fades to gray,

They lift me up and carry me away.

I thank those angels from Air Evac,

For saving my life that day.

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