Stoney Jackson, Goldie Keller honored on birthdays

Wednesday, September 27, 2006
Goldie Keller and Stoney Jackson attend parade in their honor riding in a birthday cake float. (photo provided)

On Friday, Sept. 1, the Jackson Family held a parade in Leachville to honor the 90th birthday of Stoney Jackson of Leachville and the 88th birthday of Goldie Keller of Coloma, Mich. The parade included a float decorated by Guy and Sheila Bailey of Mountain Home and Jackie and Tasha Parker of Manila. The float included a huge birthday cake, covered by an arch and a place for the two birthday honorees to sit during the parade.

Also riding on the float were the living brothers and sisters of Stoney and Goldie, Rose Sexton of Leachville, Mary Jackson of Leachville, Juanita Miller of Coloma, Mich., and Irene Emery of Hartford, Mich.

Walking in the parade with their flags, birthday hats, noisemakers, and signs were numerous grandchildren, great-grandchildren, and great-great-grandchildren of the parents of Stoney and Goldie Keller, the late Will and Myrtle Jackson of Leachville. Those walking included the Janice and Jerry Summerford family of Coloma, Judy and Ken Willis and Linda Gray of Hartford, Mich., Betty Hutchins of Coloma, Sondra Powell of Jonesboro, Paula Fivecoat and grandchildren of Arbyrd, Sharon Jackson Denny and Carol Jackson Luetkemeyer of St. Louis, John R. Jackson of Paragould, Myra Joan Kelley of Paw Paw, Mich., and many other Jackson Family members.

Wayne Sexton and Clayton Jackson of Leachville rode their motorcycles, along with other motorcycles riders, and Ervin Sexton of Leachville, who rode his ATV, was the parade organizer and provided the flat bed trailer for the float. The parade also included one antique car, and several other cars driven by Jackson family members, Joe Hutchins and Frank Emery.

Spectators, including Gene Jackson of Leachville, son of Stoney Jackson, were awarded for watching the parade with candy the Jackson Family members threw to them from the float and from the family members walking in the parade.

One of the nicest gifts Mr. Jackson received on his birthday was a recliner from Robertson Bros. Furniture Store in Leachville, where Stoney had been employed until his retirement.

With the arrival of the David Jackson family of Paragould, the Steve Jackson family of Little Rock, and the Larry Jackson family of Marion, all sons of either the late Ira Jackson of Leachville or Rueben Jackson of Cardwell, and Theresa and Sarah Hinni of St. Peters, Mo., the Jackson Family Reunion continued their celebration Saturday with a dinner party at the Allen Park Community Center in Jonesboro.

The Jackson Family Reunion committee would like to thank the City of Leachville, and the Leachville Police Department for allowing us to have the parade in the Jackson's hometown, the Parks department of the City of Jonesboro, Kiss the Cook Caters from Paragould, and Robertson Furniture Store of Leachville for helping make this a great homecoming reunion.


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