Local photographer supports CBS premiere

Wednesday, September 20, 2006
Local photographer Star Kiel of Manila poses with land artist Stan Herd at a press event unveiling the 45 acre "earthwork" supporting the premiere of CBS's new series, Jericho. (photo provided)

LAWRENCE, KS -- Local photographer, Star Kiel of Manila, was a key player in a major press and publicity event created by CBS. To support the premiere of their new series, Jericho, CBS commissioned a 45 acre "earthwork" and then built a major press event around its unveiling.

Kiel is in the process of opening a local studio in Manila located on Highway 18. She went into the photography business five years ago.

"I had no idea it would take me to so many interesting places," Kiel said. "I thought it would be a small part of my life but it has kept me busy. I enjoyed being part of the Jericho event. Everyone worked hard, but it was a lot of fun."

Jericho, which premieres nationally on Sept. 20, is about a fictional town in central Kansas that is seemingly cut off from the rest of the world as the result of a nuclear holocaust. To create awareness and industry buzz, CBS commissioned world renowned land artist, Stan Herd, to create a photo realistic picture of the signature scene on a 45 acre plot of land near Lawrence, Kan. This picture shows a silhouetted boy on a roof looking at a mushroom cloud in the distance. The picture was created with soybeans, corn, grass, pumpkin squash and other organic materials.

To highlight the unveiling of this unique piece of art, CBS held a major press event at the farm next to the art. The star of the show, Skeet Ulrich, and the Governor of Kansas Kathleen Sebelius, were both in attendance, and following helicopter rides to view the art, the Governor proclaimed Sept. 20 as Jericho Day throughout the state of Kansas. The proclamation was followed by interviews with the Governor, Skeet and Stan Herd by a host of television, radio and print media.

At the conclusion of the press conference, everyone went to North Lawrence where a party was underway to celebrate the event. The party featured the internationally touring singer and star, Kelley Hunt. The Mayor of Lawrence, Mike Amyx, also made an appearance to announce that North Lawrence would change its name to Jericho on Sept. 20 to honor the premiere of the show. The highlight of the party was a world premiere screening of the show on a giant outdoor screen.

Kiel, owner of Conceptual Imaging, was retained by John Roush, president of Geronimo Promotions, the producer of the entire event, to record the event and help with overall execution of the press conference and party. Kiel took over 700 photos which will be used in national press and publicity efforts by CBS.

Geronimo Promotions has created and produced major events for a variety of companies including Miller Beer, NBC, Fox and WWE in locations around the country including New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, Miami and Puerto Rico. Geronimo Promotions is based in Milwaukee, Wis., and specializes in event marketing, entertainment marketing, field marketing and development and execution of promotional strategies.

Kiel can be reached at 561-8730 or online at star@conceptualimaging.biz. Or online at www.conceptualimaging.biz. Geronimo can be seen online at www.geronimopromo.com.

Kiel also did photo shots for Paramount promoting the opening of the movie "Over the Hedge" recently and will be taking her cameras to Las Vegas in October to shoot for a well known magazine.

Kiel is also looking forward to opening her studio in Manila. She plans to take local landscape photographs of cotton, rice, corn and other scenic areas and turn them into framed art.

Kiel takes pleasure in taking pictures of babies, families, and weddings.

"I want to make photographs to capture lifetime memories," she said.

An open house is planned when the renovation of her studio is completed. Kiel plans to travel occasionally but is looking forward to working in her studio, also.

Her son, Matthew, and Stacey Walker will take care of the business when she is out of town.

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