Monument to Craighead County fallen officers completed

Tuesday, September 5, 2006

Town Crier News Staff

Through the joint efforts of the community, members of the Craighead County Sheriff's Department, Foster's Monument, Inc., and the Craighead County road crew, a monument in honor of fallen officers of the sheriff's department has been erected.

Craighead County Sheriff Jack McCann said the project began in 2002 with a fundraiser held in Monette. McCann said former pastor of the Monette First Baptist Church, Captain Lovell, was instrumental in kicking off the project.

Individual plaques for the six officers were purchased. Foster's Monument, Inc., a family owned business by Teddy, Beth, Brody and Casey Foster, volunteered to place the monuments in a large granite stone monument to be permanently placed on the Lake City Court House front lawn area.

"We try to help in the communities we serve," Beth Foster said. "This is something we could do to assist with the project."

Sheriff McCann, Eastern District Deputy Sheriff Dewaine Malone, and Deputy Sheriff Terry McNatt, expressed their appreciation to the Fosters and everyone who assisted in the project.

"It turned out really nice and we want people to come by and visit the monument," Sheriff McCann said. "These men still have family members in the area. There are a total of seven fallen officers in Craighead County. One officer from the Jonesboro police Department died in the 1920's and the other six are Eastern District officers."

The Craighead County road crew assisted in taking out a curb and making a concrete walkway up to the monument making it handicapped accessible.

A plaque on the monument is inscribed: "This memorial is dedicated to the officers of Craighead County who have paid the ultimate sacrifice to protect the citizens they served."

Six individual plaques are placed on the monument honoring each of the men.

There is room for future plaques but Sheriff McCann said "hopefully, we will never have to use the space." All six of the men honored died in the line of duty from 1926 to 1959.

The first plaque is in memory of Albert N. Moore, Constable of Black Oak Township; Born June 2, 1880; died Oct. 28, 1926. Chief Deputy James H. Jenkins, Craighead County Sheriff's Department; Born Feb. 7, 1871; died Dec. 11, 1928. George W. Spencer, Chief Deputy Sheriff Eastern District, Craighead County Sheriff's Department: Born Sept. 28, 1907; Died Nov. 10, 1938. Lenoir F. Baker, Craighead County Deputy Sheriff Eastern District Craighead County Sheriff's Department; Born April 13, 1913; Died Nov. 5, 1947. Samuel Abel Thompson, Constable, Buffalo Township; Born May 9, 1883; died June 9, 1954. Paul Andrew Heath, Constable Buffalo Township; Born Jan. 21, 1912; died Dec. 24, 1959.

The monument will stand as a tribute and a reminder of these men who died protecting and serving the people.

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