Radios passed on to Manila Fire Department

Wednesday, August 9, 2006
Manila Fire Chief Jerry Hitchcock (left) accepts portable radios for the fire department from Manila Chief of Police Jackie Hill (right). (Town Crier photo/Revis Blaylock)

Manila Fire Chief Jerry Hitchcock accepted five portable radios from the Manila Police Department last week to be used in the department.

The police department's radios were recently replaced with new ones purchased through the city's part of drug seizure money. When cash or property is confiscated in a drug raid, the proceeds are divided among law enforcement departments involved. Manila Police Department received over $11,000 from a 2005 drug arrest. Money returned to the department must be used to upgrade the law enforcement agencies.

"The fire department, first responders and police department work closely," Chief Hill said. "We are a team and we work together for the community. The firefighters, first responders and our ambulance service do a great job. We've had several calls lately for the first responders. The fire department radios will help all of us with better communication in emergency situations."

Chief Hitchcock said the radios will replace pagers being used.

"With the radios, we will be able to stay in contact with those responding to a call," Hitchcock said. "We (the fire department) are very appreciative and happy that Jackie thought about us when deciding what to do with the radios. We were in the process of getting quotes for five new radios because we had the need. They would have cost approximately $300 each."

Both men agreed the citizens of Manila will benefit by both departments being able to stay in contact.

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